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Book bags at school

book bags not allowed at school

Chris Whiting

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Book bags at school

Book Bags not allowed at school??? There is no reason not to have them our books are way too BIG for our draw string bags and lockers
Our lockers our too small and no where near our classes
Probelm What to do??? everyone wear book bags have picket signs talk to the teachers have a petition Protest why should we?
We need something to carry books, so that we can be succesful in our academics
Since our lockers our in the middle of no where, we are being late to class because we are tring to change books durning passing period WHEN?? NOWWW!!!! No,
NOW!! Stop watching this prezi and go buy a book bag and wear to school
By: Chris Whiting BY: Chris Whiting
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