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Allegiant By Veronica Roth

The title explains it all... it is about the 3rd book in the Divergent series and it is by veronica Roth.

Bryanna T.

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Allegiant By Veronica Roth

Allegiant By Veronica Roth
About the Author
• Veronica Roth
• Born: August 19, 1988 Died: STILL ALIVE!!!
• Born in New York City, NY raised in Barrington, Illinois(Suburb in Chicago)
• Attended Carlton College in Minnesota then transfered to Northwest University
• 22 years old when the book was published
• Mom: Barbra Ross(painter), Step-Dad: Frank Ross(financial consultant for landscape areas) 1 brother and 1 sister, Married to Nelson Fitch
• Lives in Chicago Ill.
Vocabulary Wordle!!!
Figureative Language!!!
The book takes place in Chicago, The Bureau, and the Fringe (a dangerous place between the bureau and Milwaukee in the story not in real life).
Main Characters
Bryanna T.
is brave, daring, kind, scared, and wary. I would say these things about her because she is scared when she is learning the things about the real world, daring when she went on the plane, she is brave when she yelled at David, she was kind when her and Tobias learned that he wasn’t Divergent, and she was wary when she was around Caleb when she had her mother’s journal.


is brave- when he did the gene test, mean- when Tris told him that he would be fine and he is still the same person as he was when he thought he was Divergent, scared- when he learned that his father might end up there with him, and loving- when he comforted Tris at the very beginning of the section, and angry- he this because his genes aren’t perfect and he isn’t Divergent so he is angry about it
The book Allegiant is in first person point of view. I know this because it is in Tobias's and Tris's point of view for most of the time.
The mood of the story is intense and
dramatic. I say this because Tobias and Triswere fighting eachother after Uriah got injured and when there was the bomb explosion, it was intense.
The tone is serious. I say this because they aren't joking often, they always have to be careful on what they say and what they do so they don't get arrested.
Point of View
Mood and Tone
• My Tris should be pale and small- she
pale in small, after all- but instead the room is full of her. (Page 5) This is a hyperbole because the room isn't actually full of her.
• His dark eyes are alert and he looks giddy, like a child...(Page 183) This is a simile because she(Tris) is comparing Uriah to a child.
• I put my hand out the window, and the wind wraps around my fingers like locks of hair.(Page 98) This is personification because Tobias is giving the wind a humam trait(the hair).
Lenny Kravitz
Cara- Avril Lavigne
Caleb- Andy
Zoe Kravitz
Nita- Jeffree Star
Michael- Alex Evans
Tori Wu-
Maggie Q
The type of conflict in the story is Man Vs. Man and Man Vs. Society.
Plot Diagram
The main theme is knowledge and freedom are powerful. I say this because they left the fence to learn more about what is outside but learned so much more than just that, they learned that the bureau gave the Erudite the serum and Tris learned about her mom’s past. They also became free of the rule of Evelyn and the factionless that was rough and cruel. They found out that they were going to reset the memories of the people in the city and they thought that that was unfair and they would be unfree because they wouldn’t know who they were and they had no say on if they wanted to be reset or not.
The meaning behind the title of the story Allegiant is that there is a group called the Allegiant and they make a plan to go up against Evelyn and the factionless and to also get out of the fence to learn more. They are the ones who got Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Christina, (almost Tori), Peter, and Uriah out of the fence and without that, they would all be stuck working inside under the harsh rule of Evelyn, Uriah and Tris would still be alive, and no one would know the truth about what is on the outside and that the people on the inside of the fence are just experiments.
Meaning of the title
Book Review
Important Characters
Amar- Liam Payne
George Wu-
Joe Jonas.
Photoshoot -->
<-- Umm... Found it on her blog...
Tris- Jennifer Lawrence
Tobias- Jayy
Von Monroe
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