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Foresnic toxicology

No description

Tommy Chen

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Foresnic toxicology

Tommy Chen, Sandy Feng, Jackie Zhong, Gilman Huang, Fanny Chan, Jeffrey Wong Forensic Toxicology In forensic, urine testing can be used to identify for the concentration of drug in a subject’s body.
The procedure to collection urine samples in includes:
•Cleaning genital area with a swab.
•Proceed to urinate into the toilet.
•Collect you urine with a sample container provided by the doctor.
•Finally, your urine sample will be taken into laboratory.
•Urine can test for sample of drug by using the specific gravity method.

Detection of Poison •Smell
•Stomach content
Carbon monoxide poisoning – cherry red color on the body.
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