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Irony in Disney movies

No description

Emmy Dykes

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Irony in Disney movies

Irony in Disney movies
Dramatic Irony
Dramatic Irony
Situational Irony
Snow White is unnaware that the luscious apple is in fact poisonous while the audience and the which is.
Hercules Potion
Hades does not know Hercules did not drink the whole potion (every last drop) while the audience and his sidekicks do.
Mother Gothels Intent
Mother Gothel believed she had Rapunzel all to herself for eternity, but did not realize Rapunzel would want to leave sooner or later.
Alladdins Plan
Verbal Irony
Aladdin believed Jasmine would be fascinated with all his riches, but is shocked to find she is utterly repulsed by him.
Laudies Retort
Belles sarcasm
Laudies quick retort in the Princess and the Frog, is a great example of verbal irony. She politely puts off dancing with Trevor,soon bluntly stating she meant: she does not want to dance with him ever.
Belle tells Gaston she doesnt want to marry him by saying she does not deserve him and using witty remarks to make her feel better. she uses great sarcasmwhen he talks about there future life together, when she quickly remarks: "imagine that."
Even More!
Disney constantly hints irony numerously in almost all of their movies.
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