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BYOT^4 Club

No description

Katie Fackler

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of BYOT^4 Club

BYOT^4 Club
What is BYOT^4 Club
BYOT “Bring Your Own Technology” is a technology club for students in Hershey Middle School. The purpose of this club is to educate students about APPs that are useful to school work and education. APPs can offer multiple solutions for school projects.
In/out of school technology
In school we use iPads, phones, computers, and other personal devices. Students can normally access these outside of school too.
Students use them for
-note taking
Pros and Cons of Technology
Pros: Don't have to take books home, Easy accessibility, Learn new skills every time

Cons: Not knowing how to work technology, Technical Difficulties, Not always having access
Teachers and Technology
-Use Mac's that can AirPlay students work
-Assign projects using Edmodo, iMovie, ect
-Have students use technology durning class
Benefits of BYOT^4 Club
Learning new technology that will benefit my education and schoolwork. New APPs give students a larger “toolbox” to use when completing school projects. The BYOT Club makes students more comfortable with finding new technology to solve problems.
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