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Matilda IT Project

to present Matilda to new readers who want to know more about the book

sheryl choo

on 28 August 2010

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Transcript of Matilda IT Project

Double click anywhere & add an idea Matilda IT project "Matilda" is a
story book. Matilda knew how to go to the public library on her own when she was very young. Matilda is a girl who has an extraordinary ability. she was able to look after herself at a very young age as she was left alone when her mum went to play Bingo and her dad went to work. She could also read at the age of two. She read all the magazines and newspaper in the house by the age of four. Characters:

Miss Honey
Miss Trunchbull
Bruce Bogtrotter
Mr. & Mrs Wormwood Climax of the story

Matilda used her maic power to scare Miss
Trunchbull to make her give Miss Honey's house back to her. Power of matilda:
She can use her eyes to control objects. Our favourite character is
Matilda as she is intelligent and
Bogtrotter Miss Trunchbull Miss Honey Matilda Miss Honey and
Matilda Mr Wormwood Mr and Mrs Wormwood
and Matilda Although she has this ability, her parents does not care or know about it. Instead, Matilda's father doe not allow her to read books. he hates it when she read books. There was a time when Matilda's father was so angry with her that he tore away Matilda's library book. There was a couple of times when Matilda played tricks
on her father as
matilda was very
angry with her father
for tearing away her
library book. In the end of the story,
Matilda lived with Miss Honey
after she adopted Matilda as
her daughter.The two of them
then lived happily in Miss Honey's
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