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Work Experience Programme at Oxford University

No description

Joost Kimpel

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Work Experience Programme at Oxford University

Work Experience Programme at Oxford University Chemistry Department: Physical- and Theoretical Chemistry
Thank you for listening!
How did I get to this?
My First GLOBE Internship
What is Quaker?
What were my responsibilities?
My Second GLOBE Internship
How did I get to this?
> 50 mails
What did I have to do?
Why actually?
Taking care of business!
Getting Accommodation
My first stay; the Wolfson Building
10 emails
St. Hilda's College
Own contribution
My second stay; the Iffley Road
The mix up
Mix up?
An annex of St. Hilda's College
Living like a real "colleger"
The Internship
Where was the internship exactly?
What were my responsibilities?
What did I do?
Oxford University Science Area
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Lab
From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Know all safety precautions

Give feedback

Learn a lot and have fun!
Experiment 2
The Chemistry of Dyeing
Experiment 1
Aim of the experiment

What is a dye?

Experimentation method
The dye in a cough drop; Strepsils
Aim of the experiment

What kinds of dyes are we looking at?

So what's going on in the dye?

Experimentation method
Experiment 3
Identification of Unknowns
Experiment 4
Popping 'em balloons
Aim of the experiment

So, what's going on this time?

Experimentation method
Experiment 5
Clock reaction; Reaction Rate
Aim of the experiment

How to pop the balloons

Experimentation method
Aim of the experiment

Theory behind the clock reaction

Experimentation method
Visiting Colleges
Which Colleges?

St. Magdalen
St. Hilda's
St. Edmund Hall
Corpus Christi
Stores, a play, museums, etc.
Covered Market
The King's Arms
Pitt Rivers Museum
Museum of Natural History
Museum of the History of Science
Lots and lots more
Tips and Tricks
Start immediately

Choose something you are really passionate about

Choose something which can be realised

Look amongst family, friends and other work connections

Have FUN!!!!!
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