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Digital storytelling course

No description

lunas navas vera

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Digital storytelling course

Padlet tool is my favourite one. Easy to work on, engaging and quite collaborative.
SAfety Land
the first steps: digital literacy and citizenship
This was my padlet story
let tool
This is a web resource I used to teach students how to protect themselves online
I realised how important is to keep our students' digital safety. We created an Acceptable Use Policy Form
I will use it in my lessons very soon
Digital storytelling course
An amazing training course I didn't expect
By Luis Navas
We also learned how to use Pinterest
we use it to keep all our tasks and reflections on each module
An avatar is a digital representation of students, so they keep their identities safe
This is my Avatar
Then, we learned how to use different web tools to create our comics. There were many tools:garfield, bubblr, creaza
I chose ToonDoo web tool
This is one of my favourite tools. I realy like it and I think kids will enjoy it too. BY making their own comics, pupils can express their emotions. At the same time, learners improve their writing skills
First, we needed to complete a storyboard template
Learners must complete a storyboard. A storyboard consists of drawings and notes in frames so they organize their ideas, including different details such as music, dialogues, characters, special effects, sounds or scenery
Video storytelling.
we were about to learn some videos editors and applications so that learners produce their videos
Then, we learned to use video editors
I used PowToon
learners must participate in the activity by making contributions to an story. They have to include pictures to that story related to their story part. It is a qite useful tool in order to improve their writing skills at the same time it is very imaginative and creative
PowToon lets us create animated videos. Users make their own characters choosing different details, backgrounds, effects. I think it can be used to tell short stories, even it may be used to make a summary of a book. Again, learners are improving their writing skills
Module 4: collaborative story
as I said before, this is one of my favourite tools. Easy to use and encourages students' imagination and creativity
Module 1
module 5
storytelling with mobile devices
During this module, we learned to use phones greatly. we created short videos or slideshow presentations. The outputs were owesome, since it takes only a short time. In addition, it is very engaging for students because they are using their own phones
This is the app I used. It allows you to mix your own pictures, short texts and music from its library
It has been a great training course. I have learned a lot. Every day meant new things.

that's all folks
I really want to thank my tutor and peers for their help. She helped me when I was about to give up and thanks to my peers' tasks, I got inspired in order to do my own ones
Module 2
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