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Touching Spirit Bear

:D YAY!!!!!!

Tess Drake

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

Ben Mikaelsen Do you like reading books full
of excitement and thrill?? About the book Characters Setting On Coles first and second day of being on the island he makes some very bad mistakes that could be fatal... If you do then Touching Spirit Bear is the book for you! Touching Spirit Bear is about a juvenile delinquent named Cole Matthews. Cole is being charged with assault of a classmate named Peter Driscal. Cole already has a criminal record. He is trying to avoid going to jail so his parole officer Garvey suggests a group called Circle Justice. The Circle Justice recommended that Cole go to the island of Drake and spend 1 year in isolation. Cole agrees to go to the island... Cole Matthews- Troublemaker/ bold and kind The setting takes place on the Island of
Drake. Drake is a tiny Island, where Cole spends 1 year in isolation
to think about his mistakes. Touching Spirit Bear The Spirit Bear Or White Kermode bear FACTS About Ben Mikaelsen How TS Bear has changed my life My summary of TS Bear Rising Action Peter Driscal- A " Do gooder " who ratted on Cole. Garvey- Parole officer to Cole
Giving and strict, and helps Cole face
his fears Edwin- Tlingit elder, who helps Cole control his anger + Ben Mikaelsen was born and raised in Bolivia, South America + He started writing full- time in 1984 + It took 6 years and 127 rejections until his first book was published, Rescue Josh McGuire + Ben was featured nationally on Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures because of his 700 pound black bear named Buffy Touching Spirit Bear has changed my life because
the book and characters taught me to face my fears and
to stand up for what I think is right. Later in the book Cole faced his fears and showed others that there are no monsters. Edwin and Garvey taught me that everyone has a place on earth. Peter taught me a very important lesson; to
forgive. + Cole assaults Peter Driscal + Cole goes to the Island of Drake + Cole burns the cabin Edwin built for him + Cole tries to escape by swimming to
another island but fails + Cole sees the Spirit Bear for the 1st time + A storm begins to form + Cole survives his first night on the island + Cole finds a blade and sharpens it + Cole sees the Spirit bear again + Cole is offended when the Spirit Bear shows no fear at Cole
so he attacks the bear Climax -------- + Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear;
he has many serious wounds
- As the attack was going on Cole ripped out some of the
Spirit Bear white fur- Resolution
Theme Resolution(s) + Cole is rescued by Edwin and Garvey + Cole makes a recovery but he still has trouble
with one of his arms + Cole goes back to the island to finish his time
there + Cole convinces Mr. and Mrs. Driscal
to let Peter come to the island Last Resolution
and Theme Resolution + Peter forgives Cole for what he did and they
carve a circle on the bottom of their totem poles Theme --- The theme of Touching Spirit Bear is
"I have learned that sometimes "sorry" is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change."
- Claire London
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