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Immediate and long term impact of WWI on Women in society

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Melissa Lugo

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Immediate and long term impact of WWI on Women in society

Before the First world war women's role in society in western countries was generally confined to the domestic sphere and to certain types of jobs. They were nurses, munitions factory workers, sewing bandages, selling war bonds, shipyards and spies. in 1917 it was surveyed that 68% of women had changed jobs since the war began. then 16% ha moved out of domestic service, 22% that were unemployed in 1914 now had work and 23% had changed from one factory to another. They also wored as volunteers serving at the Red Cross. In the United States, Europe, and Germany, women gained opportunities both socially and economically during WW1, and they assumed positions previously held by men nut women now took over there roles back home. World War 1 was to give women the opportunity to show a male dominated society that they could do a lot more then just bring up children and tend a home. The "Women Worker" magazine interviewed women in February 1919 just three months after the war. 65% of those interviewed stated they would never go back to domestic service no matter what there situation was. Only 5% stated that they would go back to domestic work but on there terms. They stated that they would want $40 a year, 2.5 days a week off and clothes they wear on duty to be chosen by themselves. Immediate and long term impact in WW1 on women society
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