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The story line of Jane Austin's novel, Emma.

Thomas Lowery

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma

exposition Climax Miss taylor leaves Emma meets harriet Rising Action Emma fails to set Harriet up with Mr. Elton. Sub plot Harriet meets Emma Exposition Rising action Emma thinks Mr.elton flirts with harriet. Climax Mr. Elton denies liking harriet and comes onto Emma in the carriages. Rising action Mr. Elton Moves away Resolution Mr. Elton gets married. Main plot Emma
- a rich girl born into wealth with only a dad and a sister alive. She is the match maker of her time, and has matched her house maid and very close friend. She has now moved on to atempt to hook up her new friend Harriet. This popular young girl has a lot of high connections, and is a friend to everyone.
- A poor woman with no family connections, and no mother or father. She is living with Mrs. Goddard at the girl school, but is still a friend of one of the richest girls in the land,Emma. She believes Emma's every word as if it has come straight from the bible, and Emma Plans to help Harriet marry a man much higher than herself on the social ladder. Mr. Churchill
- The son of Mr. weston,Mr.churchill is born to good family, but lives with his sickly aunt to take care of her. Frank is a people pleaser who will say anything to keep the peace. Character
Chart Mrs. Weston
- The wife of Mr.weston,and the adopted mother of Frank Churchill. She used to be the maid of the Woodhouses, and a close Friend to Emma.
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