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Davi Dustin

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of ROBLOX GAMES

david baszucki game presents
a game...
with adventures...
with fun...
A game with...
Myths and Legends...
full of mysteries...
and a lot of unexplained things.
Danny Dustin
Myths and Legends
The Truth About
Ghost Cars
the ghost cars are some beaten up glendales and sadlers that are situated mostly in the woods of roblox and the desert
in roblox studio there are 2 different types of a glendale and of a sadler, on ordinary like a car and the second like a truck.
the rumors are that in the movie TTCM, the cars that people were escaping in from leatherface look exactly like glendales,
and the sadler looks like Ed gein,s trunk.[the killer that TTCM was based on] this is supposed to be another reference that Leatherface exists in the game.
But the strangest rumor is that the cars that spawn in back o beyond in roblox will switch their lights on at midnight , chase you and try to kill you but there wont be any driver in them.
There is also a funny user on roblox the user was saying on a game made by someone quote.. My car moves by itself when i go shopping.
Maybe it,s just a funny quote but maybe it,s also a reference to the ghost cars.
i went for the investigation in my place on roblox and i will show you on roblox studio for the glendale and sadler i found 12 ghost cars, only 1 of them moves by itself .
First i will show you all the ghost cars that i found.
The following video are what i found. the images are not edited in anyway. no gear were used while filming these videos this is not a mod.
as you saw, the only car that moved by itself was #3.
Lets see that footage again ..
well, I will leave this mystery for the end.
But now i will pass to an another mystery about the Ghost cars.
It's said that you can't repair any Ghost car.
Well, we'll see.
The following video is what i found the images is not edited in anyway. no gear were used while filming this video this is not a mod.
we can,t repair them but why
maybe roblox wanted to put the orindary glendale and a sadler in the woods and in the dessert of roblox
the game place designers for the models that they make for vechles make these cars spawn in terrin mode game place so they had to make another model a sadler that will spawn too but not baseplate game place.
if destroy a glendale and a sadler in terrin game place it will spawn to reguler like i was before if use (gear) in baseplate if you destroy the glendale and sadler with gear it will not spawn it will stay destroyed unless you delete the car then grab another one with buliding tool.
so now i will show you roblox studio of the two types one glendale and second sadler roblox studio beta 3 in baseplate game place.
inside of baseplate game place roblox studio beta 3
there are 1 models of a glendale and of a sadler which means that there are 2 types of cars and not one.
in this next video i will show you how the damage system works.
These are the two types of the Glendale. We'll start with the ordinary one.
i will be going to a game place made by my friend for the old version of roblox game place around when roblox launched in 2005 2006 everyone who joined roblox in 2006 had the old game place and thats were roblox put the ghost cars in roblox changes their game places every two years.
The Car is fully damaged.
All the parts were successfully repaired.
( Doors, windows,hood,engine...)
Now we'll take the damaged one.
The car is fully damaged.
The engine was repaired, the missing doors were replaced, but still these doors and all the other parts of the car remained looking damaged.
There are rumors going around, saying that Roblox Games made These ''Ghost Cars'' spawn in the woods and in the desert of roblox, game places as a reference to leatherface,s existance in the game.
This rumor was made beacuse the marks on the Glendale look like they were made by a chainsaw.
Well, this next video will totally bust this rumor.
Beaten - up Glendale
Ordinary Glendale
Beaten - up Glendale
Ordinary Glendale
Beaten - up Glendale
Ordinary Glendale
Beaten - up Glendale
Ordinary Glendale
There is no diffrence between the marks on the ordinary Glendale and the marks on the beaten - up Glendale.
They look exactly the same.
There is another rumor about the Ghost Cars. it says that the beaten - up Sadlers in roblox don't have a license plate. And if they do, the license plates are all the same for all the beaten - up sadlers.
Here are the locations where the beaten - up Sadlers are situated :
#1 -mega grass game happy home in robloxia made by roblox
#3 - The Desert
#3 - Northside of the desert
well, l went to investigate it.
Yep,there is no license plate in the back.
But in the front there is a license,s plate it says (ROBLOX)
The R means roblox its roblox,s licenses.
I was recording the roblox video of all the locations were the sadlers were at but my computer went to sleep so ill show you the footage but its short so im not gonna do it again beacuse its alot of work to make myths and legends videos
Now let's see the license plates : im using google images
I couldn,t find a image of the red sadler.
so i just found this
Both have roblox,s license.
They look the same.
Another interesting thing about the Ghost Cars is that all the beaten - up Glendales have the '' different colors '' when you see them, and the beaten - up Sadlers have the '' different colors '' too.
In these videos I showed only some of the Ghost Cars,
And now the myth itself:
As I was mentioning before, the myth of the Ghost Cars is that the beaten - up Glendales that spawn in Back o Beyond will switch their lights on at midnight, chase you and try to kill you, but there wont be any driver in them.
I investigated these Ghost Cars a whole RO
BLOX week, and nothing was found. in this next video, I will show you the last day of my Investigation.

The following video is what i found. The video is not edited in anyway. no cheats were used while filming this video. This is not a mod.
Well, the Ghost cars myth isn't real. But why is this beaten - up Glendale rolling down the hill with no driver ?
The answer for this question is that every car in GTA SA spawns a little bit above the ground, and beacause this beaten - up Glendale is spawning on a hill, it's rolling down the hill.
Now I will show you the proof. in this video, I used roblox CamHack.(Camera Trainer ).
I have placed the view on the spawning place of the Ghost Glendale.
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