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Short presentation on the League of Young Voters for NYCs

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Kris Snick

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Short presentation on the League of Young Voters for NYCs

Where does it come from? League of Young Voters 1. Increase level of youth-related information available about the elections 2. Encourage political parties and candidates to directly target young people in their campaigns Aims Let's mobilise more young people
in 2014 EP elections! 1. We should help young people to gain more awareness about their participation in electoral processes 2. We should create more dialogue between young people and politicians Become the electoral platform for young people for the European elections 2014 How? European level National level How to be involved as NYC? Support provided? - Youth (18-35) are only 19,5% of total EU population

- Precarious age group

- Most likely not to vote (18-24)
* 33% in 2004 EP elections
* 29% in 2009 EP elections > Facts - No focus on areas of interest to youth in election campaigns

- No effort of political parties and candidates to involve young people in debates

→ Young people did not feel spoken to > Feasibility study on European election campaigns by Youth Forum in 2011 - Put the 2014 EP elections on your Agenda
- Think about your plans for the 2014 elections
- Find out what others plan to do for the 2014 elections
- Form a network of partners which will work together on a youth campaign for the 2014 elections = national League of Young Voters
- Establish contacts with national political parties and candidates and sign an agreement

-> Attend the capacity building event of European League end January / beginning February 2013 - European online platform with sections in all national languages

- Possiblity for funding of campaign activities under Youth In Action (call in spring 2013)

- Capacity building and exchange between national Leagues
* Toolkit with good practices of electoral campaigns, activities, initiatives at European and local level
* Session on partnerships within a national League: who, what and how?
* Session on political strategy: how to mobilise political parties and candidates?
* Session on media and communication strategy
* Session on follow-up after elections
* Topics suggested by national Leagues - All activities and media campaigns reach a large number of young people and generate relevant political debates

- Political parties at national and European level address young people and their concerns in their campaigns

- The LYV develops a strong network

- Increased amount of young people voting with an informed choice Indicators of success - Agreement with European political parties

- Partnerships with European media

- Partnerships with other organisations, private partners, think tanks, research institutes, ...

- Mobilisation of Membership (especially INGYO's and PPYO's) 1. Partnerships with strategic partners Informational part (in 23 languages)
- Technical: elections for dummies
- Content-related (non-partisan)
* What is at stake for you at the EU elections?
* Comparative table on expressed youth issues as they appear in political party manifestos
- Map of EU with with links to all European and local activities and initiatives

Interactive part
- Votematch tool
- Tool that asks young people which issues concern them most which will be taken up by political parties and integrated in their election campaigns.
- Debate online channel tool (between young people and with candidates)
- Share Board: post videos, pictures and comments from local activities 2. European online platform - Traditional media (Tv, radio, printed press, …)
- Social media (Facebook, Twitter, …)

- Launch event in May 2013 - one year before elections
- Conferences, debates and seminars at EU level
- Closing event at night of elections 3. Multi-faceted communication strategy - Partnerships with other civil society organisations, initiatives, projects, universities, private partners, …

- Partnerships with local media

- Partnerships with local youth wings of political parties

- Mobilisation of your member organisations 1. NYC in partnership with local partners - Agreements with local political parties in view of 2014 elections
* Ask local candidates to go into debate with young people
* Ask parties to elaborate views in their manifesto's on issues young people deem important

- Organise a survey on issues young people feel the EU should address and inform political parties of young people's concerns

- Organise and/or facillitate platforms where young people can go into dialogue with candidates 2. Motivating local political parties and candidates to target young people in their campaigns
> Informative section on European online platform available in each national language

National online Platform and/or other multimedia tools
- Providing country specific information: How to register? How to vote?
- Comparative table on expressed youth issues as they appear in local political party manifestos
- ... 3. Providing tailored information to young people in order to make informed choice
- Branding (logo – powered by European League of Young Voters)

- Links to national page at European online platform and reversed

- Possiblitity to bring offline activities online on European online platform
* Map of EU with per country overview of all local campaign activities and initiatives
* Share Board: post videos, pictures and comments from local activities 4. Linking local activities/initiatives to the League of Young Voters Large and visible youth movement for enhancing youth participation all over the EU - Maximise visibility and impact of several local campaigns and initiatives

- Reach out to as many young people as possible (not only organised)

- Access to new resources and inspiration from others (good practices, funding, …)

- Opportunity to strengthen your relationship with political parties (since the League is non-partisan)

- Coordinated communication will strengthen debate on youth in elections within country What is in it for you? Founding members = National League of Young Voters Still questions or remarks? Contact Kris Snick, consultant for the League of Young Voters for the European Youth Forum

E-mail: kris.snick@youthforum.org
Mobile: 0032/472 47 92 91 Conclusions First focus of the League of Young Voters
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