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Perfume - Time and Place

No description

Matt Lynch

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Perfume - Time and Place

Time and Place Within the Novel Time and Place in Perfume Paris Plomb du Cantal Pierrefort Grasse Cabris/Monestary -Time Period in which the Novel is set
-discussion of the characters that represent these

-Various Settings of the Novel
-again, culture
-class status/social structure
-metaphorical siginificance 18th Century Opening Line:
"In Eighteenth Century France
there lived a man who was one
of the most gifted and abominable personages in an era that knew no lack of gifted and abominable personages." aka 1700's Grenouille
Birth: 1738 Death: 1766 Societal
Structure Peasants Merchants Clergy Bourgeoisie Nobility (Guild System) The Enlightenment -Salons -Emphasis on science/experimentation -Began in France -counter-movement to religious superstition Father Terrier "What he most vigorously did combat, however, were the superstitious notions of the simple folk" Science vs. Religion (?) "Modern" Religion Baldini Guild System Traditionalist Against
Ideals Pelissier Fish Market Lowest point to start Bottom of the
ladder Beginning
= End Dirty, unsanitary graveyard Fitting for his character,
reflects his personality Working Class Madame Gaillard Marquis de
Taillade-Episse relies on sensationalism parody of enlightenment science demonstrates flawed scientific method Grenouille himself represents enlightenment ideals Overview/Conclusion -How does an understanding of 18th century culture and life increase our understanding of the text?
-How does Suskind's writing affect the perception of time within the novel?
-How is time perceived by Grenouille? How is he affected (or not) by it?
-How does setting enhance our understanding of the characters and culture in the novel? experimental methods gothic, dark side of science Industrial Revolution -period of intense technological innovation Steam Engine (1712) Steel (c.1740) *Spinning Jenny (1764) James Watt Steam Engine (1765) Flying Shuttle (1733) Technology in Perfume Grimal Guisseppi Baldini Madame Gaillard Father Terrier Grimal Jeanne Bussie Spends first 8 years of his life with this emotionless woman. Perfect environment to lay low in, grow accustomed to life. Chosen so that he could survive, not flounder Needs ability later on Tough environment is reflected in Grimal's appearance and personality Rugged environment shows Grenouille's patience Father Terrier and the Church Grenouille's only hope for salvation Is symbolic, Churches usually accept all Grenouille's only time within a church. Only stays a few hours within the building Baldini Not clean air, but not a putrid scent A place of learning Center of Paris
shows Baldini's wealth On a bridge -
bridging two parts of his life Perfect place to reappear Small town, little knowledge If it was a city... Protestant city Small at the time Montpellier Light on the sciences Perfumer's paradise Similar in might and significance to the perfume industry A little more than two years spent here, all in waiting for Laure 7 Years, complete solitude Volcano represents Grenouille Syphillitic pnemonia -> rage, eruption
Dormant -> calm now Safety vs. Reality - masks Safety in non-Enlightenment ideals Marquis' Chamber Perfuming Technology False hope, beliefs
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