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Home Setter's

No description

Simone Setter

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Home Setter's

Ottawa Street's upcycled furniture and home decor store
Why we do what we do...
Our demographic market
-Creative and artsy women
-Young home owners
-Stay at home moms
-Interior designers
-House stagers

What makes us unique
-Furniture items are upcycled
-We purchase old furniture items off of members of the community
-Free delivery to memeber of the community
-Purchase all supplies and materials from surrounding fabric, foam and upholstry businesses
-Workshops on how-to refurbish furniture
-Specialized decorating services
-Kid friendly decor store with
craft room
A Quick Look at the First 3 Years
Home Setters
-Unique alternative to traditional home decor items

-Personalized style for any budget

-Restore beauty in quality items

-Support the local economy

-Reduce global waste

Why we chose this location
-Up and coming neighbourhood
-Known as fabric and upholstry distric across GTA
-Young families moving into area - boosting housing market in area $$$
-Trendy coffee shops and food trucks in area promote foot traffic in warmer months

The Start Up
For More Information
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