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Touching Spirit Bear

No description

Hull Elementary

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen
Genre of this book:


summary of the book

This story is about a kid who has been troubled. He was sent away to an island alone as a punishment for hurting someone. He had to fend for himself and learn the right and wrong things to do in his life. That is the main theme of the story- right from wrong.
main characters:

Cole Matthews: He is the main character. He is a 15 year old boy who has been punished for his latest crime.
Garvey: He is an officer at Circle Justice- a place for offenders to heal after doing something bad.
Spirit Bear: A giant, white bear to help Cole heal and show him the way.
Minor characters
Edwin: He is a Native American who is a wise man and he knows all about Spirit Bear.
Cole's dad: He is an alcoholic . He is abusive to Cole. Cole says that his dad gets so drunk he can't remember his own name. He is divorced from Cole's mom.
Peacekeeper: She is in the meetings at Circle Justice. She is very timid and calm but not much else is known about her.
Peter: He is the 9th grader who told the police about Cole robbing a hardware store. He ended up getting beat up by Cole and is permanently damaged.
Setting of the story
The story takes place on an Alaskan island. It is very cold and covered in forests. It is also home to the Spirit Bear, but no other people except for Cole, Edwin and Garvey. Cole was sent there as a punishment for his latest crime.
Part Fable/Part Realistic Fiction
Narrative point-of-view:
Third Person Limited
Author's purpose
To Entertain
main events

At the beginning of the story Cole beat up a boy named Peter after Peter told the police about Cole's robbery.
Cole got sentenced to a detention center called Circle of Justice, which is supposed to be a place of healing, not punishment. It ends up to not seem like that to Cole. There it's decided that he will be sent to an Alaskan island.
When he gets to the island, he is all alone. He sees a Spirit Bear, a big white bear that was defiant towards Cole, which made him angry. He went to attack the bear, but found that he was gone.
He saw the bear again and attacked it with a spear. It didn't work out for Cole. He was ferociously mauled by the giant, white bear.
After a few days on the island, mauled and alone, Garvey and Edwin came to check on him. They took him to a hospital so he could heal.
Six months later, he had no use of his arm.
There is more than one conflict in this story. One is that Cole had a horrible life and was a very enraged person. Another is that, because Cole has beaten up Peter and given him permanent damage, Peter tried to commit suicide.
rising action
The rising action begins when Cole gets sent to the island and first sees the Spirit Bear. The Spirit Bear was there in the story to help Cole see everything that was important in life. His survival is tested on this island from trying to catch food and stay alive without shelter.
The climax of the story is when Cole gets mauled by Spirit Bear. Cole thought his life was so big and it was all about him. When he got mauled by the bear, it showed him that he was small. It taught him a lesson about being a bully.
falling action
The falling action in the story is when Peter comes to the island because his parents gave him no other choice to heal. Since the island is for healing, people who have sinned or who need help, his parents thought he should go there, too. The 2 boys end up together where they have to interact sometimes.
The story's resolution is when Peter tests Cole when Peter starts to beat up Cole. Cole would not fight back. After that they became friends and Cole asked Peter if they could carve something together in a totem pole that Cole made.
The theme of the story is to treat others the way you want to be treated. For Cole, he treated others horribly and he paid a price.
reading strategies
Draw Conclusions: I drew a conclusion when at the beginning of the story, I knew that Cole was neglected and an angry person.
Retell or Summarize: I also discussed the book with my Nana and we talked about how everything would piece together.
I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a tremendous book and could help friends if they have a discipline problem.
about the author
Born: December 8, 1952
From Bolivia of Danish descent
Moved to U.S. in 7th grade
Is a sky diving champion
Owned an American Black Bear for 26 years.
Has won several writing awards.
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