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Opinion Paragraph

Writing an Opinion Paragraph

Linda Neihart

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Opinion Paragraph

What is your Opinion? What is the most important? An Opinion is yours
is how you feel does not need proof To write an Opinion Paragraph Use the Power Paragraph Format. Start with a
topic sentence. I think [something] is better than [something]. The best ... The best color is red. I think the fork is better than the knife. Your writing target
for today is to write
an opinion paragraph A full moon looks beautiful
in the night sky will have your reasons to explain
your opinion Ask yourself questions like: What is wonderful? What is the best or better? What is beautiful or what is ugly? Example: Then make a strong statement about how you feel. Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 Possible reasons: Note: Always list as many reasons that you can think of then choose the best three #1 Forks can hold food
down while you cut it. #2 Forks can hold food in
place while you get it
to your mouth. #3 Twirling spaghetti
on a fork makes it easier
to eat it with less mess. Next, explain why you
have the opinion. The wrap up
statement. The final sentence
gives your opinion
strongly in another
way. Your wrap up
sentences tells
your reader that
you are finished. Finally, your paragraph
needs to end.
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