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Webkinz Project

Preview the development of the one popular plush, Webkinz reach is climax. How did this stuffed animal differ from the rest? Why did it get widely popular? But, of course every climax ends with a dramatic decline. Why did this end? >>MIka

Alexandria Bridges

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Webkinz Project

On April 2005, The Ganz Corporation decides to revolutionize their plush animals. This family run, Canadian Company founded on 1950 by starting off by simply gifts, accessories, candles, and more importantly stuffed animals.
Official Patenting:
"Patent Pending © 2005 GANZ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"
d. http://patft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?patentnumber=7604525

One of the reason for its popularity is the vast variety of materials this company was able to use on a simple plush toy. Each type of animal has its own unique fabric material.
The stuffed animal started to range from simple animal textures to mimic fur and natural colors...
...to eventually the most absurd patterns and designs to enhance its cuteness. These plush aren't only limited to common species; they went as far to use mythical creatures, dinosaurs, and seasonal pets to to attract more children because of their uniqueness and/or rarity.

Webkinz is born.

It's an adorable plush that also be taken care of virtually with a given code.
an adaption of beanie babies.
They also have smaller versions called Lil'Kinz that was released at the same time.
Even though the concept of taking care of your pet by playing, feeding, speaking, etc. is not new, more kids during that year seem to enjoy Webkinz best then other web-based collectible.
This brand was worth $2 billion during its rise.
Its popularity rapidly increased within a year.
Another improvement Webkinz did were the additional products such as cards, accesories, clothing for their plush, and even charm bracelets kids can wear.
These additional products also have additional codes you can use for your virtual version of your pets online. You can recieve Kinzcash (in game currency) or virtual clothing, furniture, foods, etc. These improvements encouraged their parents to spend more of their money.
This product is obviously targeted towards children from all over the world. Usually from ages 3-13. The global impact would have to be how much children enjoyed this toy. Some pets, they have a "Webkinz cares" tag. Its basically a sub foundation from the brand that dedicates itself to improve the lives of children.
The virtual world is the most significant part of Webkinz. There is a lot of things you can do on the website. You can play games to earn Kinzcash, do daily activities, buy clothing, make friends with other players, house decorating, interact with your otherWebkinz, cooking and compete with other people.

Overtime, the Webkinz trend slowly began to decline. Some of the factors for their decline were

These generation of kids tend to grow up faster. They got bored of their pet and then forgotten them.
Ganz had some incidents of lawsuits and recalls for Webkinz
For some consumers, more pets are being made, so it was hard for for people to keep up.
In some gift stores or stores that typically sell Webkinz had dropped their prices of $10. Or even hardly sell them at all.
The website format failed to significantly improve. It is susceptible of malware, the website didn't really function properly ,
There were other virtual pet based that are better and continues to improve.
A conspiracy of hackers from neopets and/or club penguin are using the alias of "Webkinz robbers or murders". They basically hack into children's accounts and ruin their pets; they starve them, steal their items, and "murder their pets"
If you can recall, this plush had multiple flaws.
Here are some improvements or changes that should be implemented:
The website needs a major update. Sure, they have new items and furniture every month, but the web design is basic. Plus there are still bug issues around the site.
Maybe consider other platforms. Such as creating an app for iOS devices.
To get rid of in game purchases. You can get more kinzcash buy using your own money.

The designing process and model prototype were probably the most important discipline of engineering. Ganz have developed over two hundred Webkinz and Lil' Kinz. Each plush have the same style and various fabric. These process were especially essential because they probably had to plan various types of animals that will attract the kids the most. Some fabrics need to be hypoallergenic or even uncomfortable to hold.
There wasn't much of a timeline for Webkinz. It basically went from plush to plush with an online accessible code.
Normal plush since 1950
On 2005, the introduction of webkinz.
There were really no major changes in Webkinz but, they did have new Webkinz released every year.
Webkinz was significant enough to be considered to be an original invention. During that time period, children seem to undergo a virtual pet craze. The company probably went through multiple cycles before releasing their product. It definitely did attract millions of children to encourage their parents to buy this product. But, now their popularity is slowly diminishing. They were multiple reasons to why these plush are less popular now. But, some of them are just unproven conspiracies and self conclusion. Only if I could have found more sources to support the decline of Webkinz. There was also not enough changes, so a timeline wasn't really possible. Eventually, Barbie, Shining-stars, Bratz, and other toy companies tried adapting this idea. Overall, this product was very successful during it's earlier years and worth to be recognized for its originality.
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