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AST Workshop #3

No description

Mr Cruwys

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of AST Workshop #3

The Important Facts:
The Multiple Choice test is held in the a.m. of Tuesday the 6th of September
This is the first exam you will undertake of the AST examinations
It goes for 2hrs 15mins and has 10 mins reading time
You have to answer 80 questions, the final 15 are the hardest
Marks are not deducted for wrong answers, so attempt
The test contains a range of material from all disciplines
You don't have to do the questions in the order presented but they advise it
bring a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener and your ID card
bring a highlighter, dictionary and a ruler
You must use a pencil to mark your answers, they are automatically marked
You must attempt at least half of the questions (without obvious guessing)
Some tips and tricks:
What are you going to do in your reading time?
Don't waste too much time on any one question, approximately 1m 30s each
Since a human isn't marking this test, you need to colour the circles carefully
It will only register if it is done in pencil, you
use pen!
Feel free to write all over and highlight the question sheet
The information before the actual question can be very lengthy
Be careful not to focus on the information and neglect the actual question
Read the question itself very carefully!
Strategies to get the answer:
Solve the question without looking at the answer
This way the list of answers cannot sway your decision
This can be a good way to start the question even if you're confused by it
Process of elimination
If you don't know which one is right, work out which ones are wrong
If you then have to guess, your chances are better (how much better?)
Utilise Factual Scope
The passage often contains all the info you need to answer the question
Avoid answers that contain information outside the original passage
Most questions are looking for logical reasoning from the information supplied
Often specific words contained in answer options are clues for elimination
Avoid Extreme words such as “
Always, never, must, only, exactly
” etc...
A "Verbal" style question:
A "Quantitative" style question:
AST Workshop #3
The Multiple Choice test
Previous Answers:

D, A, B
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