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No description

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of FROZEN

Rising Action and Climax
Setting and Deus Ex Machina
Protagonist and Antagonist
Directed by: Chris Buck

Flashback and Irony
Protagonist: Anna, Elsa Kristoff and Olaf

Antagonist: Prince Hans
Setting: Norway

Deus Ex Machin: In the end when Anna is freezing to death Elsa and Kristoff are told that only true love can unfreeze her, and after she freezes Elsa is hugging her and crying which unfreezes Anna because of her sisters love.
Rising Action: At Elsa's coronation she is forced to remove her gloves that help control her powers and was forces to keep her powers a secret. When she removed her gloves her powers got out of hand and caused a eternal winter.

Climax: When Anna finds out that Hans is not in love with her and just pretend to be and tries to kill her and Elsa.
Flashback: Anna was talking about how Elsa and Anna where really close as kids and then one day Elsa just shut her out and stopped talking to her and how Elsa would just lock herself in her room everyday and not come out.

Irony: Elsa accidentally shoots Anna with her powers in her heart which would freeze Anna in a matter of hours. Kristoff runs Anna into town and leaves her with Hans. Hans leaves Anna locked in a room to die while he tries to go kill Elsa.
Mood and Point of View
Mood: Happy, funny, and sad

Point and View: 3rd person
Foreshadowing and Motif
Foreshadowing: Anna and Elsa where playing with Elsa's powers and Anna is jumping around and Elsa was telling Anna to stop so she wouldn't get hurt, but the foreshadowing part is when Elsa is saying stop and I thought something bad was going to happen.

Motif: When Anna and Elsa where playing as kids Elsa accidentally shoots Anna, and then Anna got shot again on accident cause Elsa didn't know how to control her powers.
I do recommend this movie because it is really entertaining, funny and it teaches you good lessons. And it is good for all ages.
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