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Health care

No description

Sam Mock

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Health care

Scared to See a Doctor: Illegal Immigration "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane."
-Martin Luther King Junior, March 25th, 1966 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT
a non-citizen living in a country without authorization from the government. CG (Connecticut Gerneral Life Insurance Company)
INA (Insurance Company of North America)
Wendell Potter
"When I walked through the fairground gates, it was just absolutely overwhelming. It looked like a war-torn country and it just drove home to me, maybe for the first time, that were talking about real human beings. The things insureers do to maximize their profit, which really boiled down to dumping the sick."
45 million Americans uninsured
U.S. Health-care cost 40% higher than any other country
Too Expensive?

"Government health-care creates a great deal of misperception about who's responsible for paying the bill and resource consumption increases when people think somebody else is shouldering the cost." -Dr. Donald P. Conduit, surgeon in Grand Rapids, Michigan Death Panels

"Death panels would essentially decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity' in society," speaking of again people, babies with disabilities, or immigrants on who "are worthy of healthcare."-Sarah Palin
It Adds Up!

Federal for American Immigration Reform Calculated

California at $1.4 Billion
Texas at $1.3 Billion
Colorado at $31 Million
Minnesota at $17 Million Driving Up
59% illegal immigrants are uninsured
25% legal immgirants are uninsured
14% U.S. citizens are uninsured

15% of the nations 47 million uninsured are illegal immigrants Currently
emergeny care ONLY
ineligible for most public benefits
Goshen Medical Center in N.C.
"A lot of Hispanic patients are scared coming to the doctor's office because of who they're going to meet." -nurse Jessica Roberts
8 by 8 = I

provide BASIC functions
part of 4,000 federal funded community health centers
2006 served 6 million patients up 50% from 2001

Dr. Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba
-treats small and large problems
-$40-$70 per visit
"We have to be very creative-not asking for labs unless it's really essential, working with generics, working with drug companies, give them samples." Univeral? Not really
Coverage extended to 32 million March 23, 2010
Illegal Immigrants are NOT covered
-not allowed to pay out of pocket
"It may make things worse - if you say 32 million are covered, there may be less done for these large groups who are here, who are working, who are such a large part of our agrigcultural industry." -Norma Forbes, director of non-profit Fresno Healthy Communities Access Partners

"For these patients, there will indeed be fewer options as doctors, hospitals and other providers increase their caseload to take in new patients bearing insurance." -Dan Hawkins, in charge of policy and research at the National Association of Community Health Centers. "There will be greater concentration of care for the uninsured in fewer places."

Health Centers will get $11 billion the next five years

They will always be open regardless of status
My thoughts
Not citizens
Pay upfront
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