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5.09 Writing Your Argument

No description

Kayla Bernard

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of 5.09 Writing Your Argument

5.09 Writing Your Argument
books should be banned from society,
some may believe that banning books will take away knowledge from the little kids
and prevent them from knowing the truth about reality.
Kids are not able to understand such heavy content at a young age
it is best that they have a chance to develop and grow so when they get older to an extent where they are able to comprehend and have a clear understanding of censorship they can then be exposed to non-censored books.
books should be banned.
This matters because books contain explicit content that kids are able to get a hold of, which is highly inappropriate for their age. Studies have shown indeed that a start of banning books have occurred, such as “Thirteen Reasons Why” and “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” The more this movement continues the better the society will be.
the reason why banning books is important.
Reviewed Points

Banning certain types of books will be beneficial for the kids. Being exposed to books that contain inappropriate content at a very young age interferes with the kids state of mind and make them look at society differently.
kids are still developing they tend to easily become influenced by the bad things they’re exposed to and think that it is a good thing to mimic.
most kids in cases like these could end up getting expelled or suspended from school.
certain types of books should be banned.
In summary
certain books should be banned for the sake of society. Kids who are not fully grown do not have enough of an understanding to know what is going on when they read certain books that are not censored. This interferes with their knowledge and only leads them to do things that are not appropriate, which can lead them to getting in trouble at school.
reason that some books should be banned is that of racial issues.
Some books may encourage racism towards groups of people.
Children should not be exposed to books that contain sexual content and explicit language usage.
inappropriate books should be banned.
Work Cited

Maas, Emily. “10 Young Adult Books That Have Been Banned”. Pop Crush. Web. 26 Sep. 2014
Winerip, Michael. “Book Banning in US Classrooms and Libraries” Family Circle. Web. 15 Oct. 2015
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