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Erie Canal Tranportation

No description

Ryan Chen

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Erie Canal Tranportation

Erie Canal
Erie Canal Boat
This show a picture of a boat that the Erie Canal use.
Mules on the Erie Canal
Erie Canal
Erie Canal Maps
The gold coins and silver coins are not real gold or silver. They are used by New Yorkers because New York doesn't have its own type of currency or money.Bank notes are for the rich people in New York. Other states already have their own money.
History of Erie Canal
1817-Start building the Erie Canal.
1825-Finish building the Erie Canal.
1835-Approve to make the Erie Canal 70ft wide 7ft deep.
1895-Approve to make it 9ft deep for the second time.
1918-Erie Canal close down, the Barge Canal was built with the cost of $155 million.
Welcome to class 4-10.Today you will be learning about the Erie Canal. In this show you will be seeing videos,pictures,and more.Now lets get started.
The Erie Canal had many uses
to people but it also affected some
people. Even so it was an important part of U.S history. It helped made New York one of the most powerful state in U.S. This is what you learn from Class 4-10 about the Erie Canal.
Population of U.S.


Lock ports
How Erie Canal Helped People
The Erie Canal
helped farmers
ship their goods
faster and it is
cheaper. It is
also a good place
to plant crops be-
cause the soil is
It help them sell more things because they could
travel west.
The Erie Canal allow people to move west. Without it the west wouldn't have been claim yet.
Because Native American were there but Gov. Dewitt Clinton made the Native American to move to reservation.
These immigrants move west on the Erie Canal to
live a better life and to have more farming space.
Locks are used to lift or lower boats from one level to another. They are found on almost all canals and rivers. A lock is a section of canal or river that is closed off by gates which control the water level so that boats can be raised or lowered as they pass through it.
The Erie Canal is 1,916,640 ft long, 40 ft wide, and 4 ft deep. There are 83 locks then 72 locks then 35 locks. The Erie Canal was fixed again. The new canal was finished in 1918. It was 12 to 14 feet deep and 120 to 200 feet wide. There were 57 locks. The distance from Albany to Buffalo is 363 miles long or 1,916,640 ft long. The volume for the Erie Canal 5,366,592,000 cubed ft. Waterford , Crescent , Scotia , Schenectady, Amsterdam , Fonda/Fultonville , Canajoharie , St Johnsville , Little Falls , Ilion , Utica , Marcy , Rome , Sylvan Beach , Brewerton , Syracuse Baldwinsville , Jordan , Weedsport , Lyons , Newark , Palmayra , Fairport , Pittsford , Spencerport
, Brockport , Holley , Albion , Media , Middleport , Lockport , Tonawanda is near the Erie Canal. NY joined the US in July 26, 1788.
Fun fact
Lock # Location
Troy Lock * Troy

E2 Waterford

E3 Waterford

E4 Waterford

E5 Waterford

E12 Tribes Hill

E13 Yosts

E14 Canajoharie

E15 Fort Plain

E16 St. Johnsville

E17 Little Falls
E24 Baldwinsville

E25 May's Point

E26 Clyde

E27 Lyons

E28A Lyons

E28B Newark

E29 Palmyra
E30 Macedon

E32 Pittsford

E33 Rochester

E34 Lockport

E35 Lockport

Black Rock Lock * Buffalo
E18 Jacksonburg

E19 Frankfort

E20 Whitesboro

E21 New London

E22 New London

E23 Brewerton

E6 Crescent

E7 Vischer Ferry

E8 Scotia

E9 Rotterdam

E10 Cranesville

E11 Amsterdam
Oneida Chief
Van Rensselaer
Bank Notes
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
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