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Labour Party

No description

Kenneth McCann

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Labour Party

The engine of social reform in Great Britain The Labour Party Party Platform The leaders of the Labour Party Other Info About the Party The Labour party typically takes a more liberal stance on policy than its major opponent, the Conservative Party. What the Party stands for Being a center left, self described 'Democratic Socialist' party, the Labour Party promotes social justice and equality for all people. The leaders of the Labour party are elected by the general public, and as of 2012 split the control the House of Lords with the conservatives. The Labour Party has many sub-parties, each representing a specific interest group. By Kenneth McCann, Matthew Merideth, Franklin Kaleka, Elisabeth Slay, and Katie Goodnight Major policy goals of the party include:

-Reforming immigration to limit the number of unskilled workers entering the country from outside the European Union.

-Reducing the deficit and reforming the financial system.

-Strengthening the manufacturing sector and converting to green technology.

-Raising the minimum wage and making it easier for people to climb the housing ladder.

-Reforming the unemployment system so that if people don't get a job offer within 6 months, but don't respond, they lose their benefits. Core tenets of the Labour Party are:

• social justice
• strong community and strong values
• reward for hard work
• decency
• rights matched by responsibilities

The participation of the common man is important to the health of the party, so anyone may join the party.

Anyone can propose policy, which reflects the party's respect for the common man. -LGBT Labour
The link between the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans movement and the Labour Party.
-Labour Disabled members' group
Works within the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe to promote the understanding of disability as an equality issue
-Labour Students
Labour Students is the student wing of the Labour Party and is home for all students in further and higher education in the UK The party has been led by Ed Miliband since the resignation of Gordon Brown, because he is the most senior member. His formal role is Minority Leader.

Previous prime ministers from the Labour Party were:

-Ramsay MacDonald, in office 1924; 1929–1931
-Clement Attlee, in office 1945–1951
-Harold Wilson, in office 1964–1970; 1974–1976
-James Callaghan, in office 1976–1979
-Tony Blair, in office 1997–2007
-Gordon Brown, in office 2007–2010
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