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Art photography vs snapshot photograpy.

No description

Justin Warren

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Art photography vs snapshot photograpy.

What are the differences between fine art photography and snapshot photography?
Firstly what is snapshot photography?
A 'snapshot' photo is a image that is captured very quickly usually without artistic intent. Snapshots often do not require much planning therefore they can be reffered to as 'amateur or imperfect'. Often snapshot photography is used at exciting events including birthday parties, sports matches and tourist attractions.
Here is an example
Ok then what is fine art photography?
Fine art photography is what you would expect to find in a gallery. It is professional and not a type of photo that you would commonly find in a photo album. Often, fine art photography makes the viewer think and ask questions because it is so detailed.
Ms. Piterman
Like this
As you can see photographs like this are well thought about before hand by the photographer.
Now here is a quick Q and A about fine art and snapshot photography.
Was there such thing as snapshot photography back in the old days?
The answer is...
Snapshot photography started to boom when in 1948 the famous Polaroid camera was introduced. This camera was capable of taking images and processing them onto paper instantly. This proved very popular with consumers because a big problem with cameras back then was the time it took to develop a photo.
Yes, there was snapshot photograhy in the old days because in 1888 'Kodak' released a camera that could be used by any person easily and held a 100 film roll.
Who are some famous fine art photographists?
Andrew Prokos
Andrew Prokos is a famous fine art photographer that specialises in taking photos of modern buildings and skylines.
James Nachtwey
James Nachtwey is a famous fine art photographist that specialises in taking photos of war and of poverty. His photos are often in black and white and portray suffering from 3rd world countries.
Carlos Tarrats
Carlos Tarrats is a fine art photographer that focuses primarily on still life and hope and optimism. Lots of his works involve nature. His works are designed to use the viewers imagination.
What are the similarities of snapshot photography and fine art photography?
Both fine art and snapshot photography require a camera. The photographs have meaning and show the viewer an event or memory. There are famous photographers that do both fine art and snapshot photography.
Which type of photography is more popular nowdays? Fine art or snapshot?
And now back to the main question
In the 21st century with technology booming, snapshot photography is becoming increasingly popular especially with teenagers. Snapshot photography is used by teens and others because it is quick and represents our memories, although fine art photography is still used by artists because of its detail and depth. Fine art photography is often found in galleries whereas snapshot photography is found on Facebook sites, photo albums and on digital cameras.
Fine art photography focuses on the more detailed points in photo's and require thought unlike snapshot photos which are often taken randomly and have less meaning. Fine art photography has a longer history than snapshots and is a more important style when it comes to professional photography. Unlike fine art photography the new generation of teens and children rather snapshot photography because it is quick and can be done by anyone.
History of cameras
5th-4th Centuries B.C.
Chinese and Greek philosophers describe the basic principles of optics and the camera.
Joseph Niepce creates the first photo image after 8 hours of light which later faded away.
Louis Daguerre's creates the first image that was fixed and did not fade. Unlike Joesph Niepce's image, it only required 30 minutes of light.
First Panoramic camera patented - the Sutton.
Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera.
First mass-marketed camera—the Brownie.
Edwin Land markets the Polaroid camera.
First digital camera invented by computer giant 'Apple'
Where will we go next?
Thanks for watching
Why is this is considered a "snapshot?"
Yes, your images are important to you.
But in art it's not always
about you!
Sharp released the first cell phone with a camera! The Sharp J-SH04. Sporting a .11 mega pixel camera.
What a beauty!
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