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Save the Whales

Yr1/2 children with their views about saving whales.

Jane Clarke

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Save the Whales

Save Our Whales! Dear Mr Key We have been learning about whales.
We went on the LearNZ Wandering Whales trip. Did you know how intelligient they are? The humpback whales make a bubble net to catch their food. It is a baleen whale. A big blue whale is the largest
mammal on earth! Its tongue is
the size of an elephant! Its heart
is the size of a car! Children can
swim through its blood vessels! The
big blue whale weighs 200 tons... heavy!
It eats 40 million krill a day... hungry! Its tail flukes
are the width of a small aeroplane's wings! The orca whales work together to catch their food. They move together to make waves to push the seal off the ice piece. We have been amazed by the whales and we would like them protected for our children to see and learn about. Keep the Southern Ocean a safe place for whales to breed. Say no to the Japanese hunting in our waters. Marvellous! Fantastic sea creatures! Stop the killing! Please make a stand to make a difference.

Yr1/2 Room 2 Children,
Winchester Rural School
South Canterbury
June 2010 Their future depends on us! Endangered!
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