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Genres of Literature w/ more videos

No description

Natalie Bestawrose

on 28 September 2018

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Transcript of Genres of Literature w/ more videos


a story that is made-up; not real
a piece of writing about something that actually happened; not fiction
What is the difference between fantasy and science fiction?
Discuss it with your neighbor and give an example of each genre.
stories written in script form
There are two types of dramas.
Films/plays with a happy ending
Films/plays with a sad ending
If I wrote your life story, is that a biography or an autobiography?
If you wrote your own life story, is that a biography or an autobiography?
Bonus Question: Winner earns either one LIKE or three stickers...
What subgenre only focuses on a certain moment in the writer's life? Example: Ms. Bestawrose's time in Zambia or a Navy Seal's experience during the raid of Osama Bin Laden's hideout.
a short story with personified animals and a moral/life lesson
has gods/goddesses and usually explains the creation of something
Tall Tales
Set in the Wild West, the American frontier
Main character's size/skill/strength is greatly exaggerated
Based on a real person or place
Facts are exaggerated beyond nonfiction
has magic and/or talking animals
often starts with "once upon a time"
often has a human protagonist
Fairy Tales
Prezi created by:
Natalie Bestawrose
Turn to your partner and discuss what you think this poem is about. What literary devices (figurative language) are being used? How does that effect the poem?
Compare and contrast these two poems.
Discuss with your table group how The Fault in Our Stars can be a tragedy when it was published as a book first.
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