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Dance-Jazz vs. Ballet

Compare and Contrast Prezi-Naomi

Naomi Cruz

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Dance-Jazz vs. Ballet

There are many similarities
and differences between the
two, and things that define
them. Jazz VS. Ballet Jazz is performed mostly on
"releve'" (rehlehvay), which means on the balls of your feet.
Ballet, on the other hand is performed "en pointe" (on point), or on your toes. They have pointe shoes for this. Jazz shoes do not have heel.
Some people think that jazz is like the dances where you have theses types of shoes but it isn't. Before ballerinas get to en pointe
they have to work in the leather ballet flats. Ballet dancers have to prepare their pointe
shoes before ever using them. They also need to sew on ribbons and sometimes elastic bands, as you see in the videos above. Also, there are two videos about how pointe shoes are made on the right. Different makers make the pointe shoes slightly differently, but the general process is the same. Jazz shoes are very simple compared to pointe shoes. They are mostly a soft leather but have an elastic middle underside covering the arch. Jazz and ballet both have jetes although ballet has more varriations like petite (small) jete. Another movement that
Jazz and Ballet have in
common are the pirouettes. There are many different
kinds of pirouettes, such as parrallel and open where
the leg picked up is
parallel or open. Most are common in both types of
dance. That is the end of my prezi on Jazz VS. Ballet!
I hope you had fun and learned the differences
between the two! Naomi Cruz
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