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OpenSource Virtualizations Towards a: Better Economy for Afghanistan

Omid Habibi

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Thesis-Defence

There is no reliable electricity source available in Afghanistan
User Mode Linux (UML)
Digital Archive Management
Sports Analysis
CCTV Monitoring
Data Centre
A Clear Choice
Web Content
Event Broadcast
Films & Documentaries
Commercial Advertising
It needs a good capital
Build the buzz outside of the venue
Live Venue
Ensure High availability
More place is used
Higher Electricity Consumption
Omid Habibi
“Business is moving at breakneck speed and it’s critical truly capture your audience’s attention and take advantage of the opportunity, whenever it arises.”
" Make every act a work of art. "
services shortage or interruption will make all the clients go
High Costs!

Open source Server Virtualization Towards a:
Better Economy in Afghanistan
Virtual Box
Linux V-Server
Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)
Environmentally friendly marketing strategies
User Mode Linux (UML)
Virtual Box
The potential economic impact for the APAC region, in terms of cost avoided
Server Virtualization Yields
VI Transforms Key I.T. Metrics
HA automatically restarts virtual machines when a physical server fails
Live Migration
Speedy Installation
Zero Down Time
Virtualization enables consolidation of workloads from underutilized servers onto a single server to safely achieve higher utilization
Virtualization Increases Hardware Utilization
Key Properties of Virtual Machines

WHY switching to virtualization technology?

The most environmentally sound outcome can be the most profitable one, too. And that's good news for everybody.
A four-step journey to new, improved IT economics through Virtualization
Start with server virtualization, but extend it to storage and networks. Organizations can boost efficiency and increase the utilization of IT, which boosts ROI.
Manage workloads to further improve staff productivity or reduce staff. This will require integrated systems management tools that enable you to increase server, storage, and network resource-to-staff ratios. Where it took one storage admin to manage 10 TB of storage, that admin could now handle 100 TB or more through a virtualized IT infrastructure.
1st Step
2nd Step
Deploy automation to achieve consistent and repeatable processes. This not only further reduces staffing requirements but also enables IT to consistently meet business service levels.

3rd Step
Optimize IT delivery to enable business agility. Ideally this will take the form of user self-provisioning. Self-provisioning is feasible due to the flexibility of virtualized IT resources, which are not constrained by physical barriers or location. A business manager, for example, can use easy templates to self-provision a new server in minutes to support a new business initiative.
4th Step
$3.89 billion worth of spending is expected to be avoided in India from 2003-2020 in the areas of server spending, power and cooling, floor space and cost of manpower and overheads.
a study from analyst firm IDC.
$48 billion in server spending avoided
$29.8 billion in server admin costs avoided
$17.7 billion in power and cooling costs avoided
$2 billion in floor space costs avoided.
a study from analyst firm IDC.
APAC region including Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, PRC, Singapore and Thailand.
Cheaper implementation
Business doesn’t stop
Higher availability and uptime
Speedy Installations
Save energy, go green
Reduce the data center footprint
Improve disaster recovery
Extend the life of older applications
Help move things to the cloud
Test & try environment
Physical Server
High Power Consumption
Low resource Utilization
Too much Cooling Systems
Services Interruption
Lack of Money
Mr. Khalilullah Alem - Power Specialist
mailto: omid@adib.af
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