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Tone & Mood- Images

No description

Meagan Pike

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Tone & Mood- Images

How can Tone's be different? Like with the connotation of certain words, or with mood, Tone can be positive, neutral, or negative. TONE -Tone is the author or artist's attitude toward the subject
- You can recognize the tone/attitude by the language and word choices the author uses. His or her language will reveal his perspective/opinion about the subject (positive/neutral/negative).
-Tone MUST BE INFERRED through the use of descriptive words
-Images can also have different Tones. We will discuss this more through examples. Tone & Mood: What's the difference? While they can seem similar and be related to each other, TONE and MOOD are actually two different things. One is the author or artist's attitude toward the subject, while the other is the overall atmosphere of a piece.

Fill in your graphic organizers as we discuss Tone and Mood. Trailer Examples Top Gun

Sleepless in Seattle

Mary Poppins

Hunger Games

-three words that describe the attitude of the creators of the trailer
-three words describing your feelings of the piece
-if you haven't seen the movie, what does it seem to be about? What is its purpose? Mood -Mood is the overall atmosphere of a piece of literature or an image, and is created by the setting, the characters, and their actions.
-Adjectives describe Mood
- It is not the description of the way a character feels. It is how the passage makes the reader feel.
- Mood words can be positive or negative.
-Examples: relaxed, cozy, romantic, gloomy, frightening, somber Guided practice &Mood Tone How can Tone's be different? Like with the connotation of certain words, or with mood, Tone can be positive, neutral, or negative. Example:
-When you get in trouble at home, do your parents have a certain change in voice, or tone, that lets you know that you're in trouble, or how much you're in trouble?
-What about conversation problems in texting? What about the tone of these photographs? Old Willow Lane 2, Mary Iverson Johnstown flood Toaster on Hills, Charles Kaufman Group Activity: -Each group needs ONE recorder and ONE piece of paper with everyone's name on it.
-I will give you a slip of paper with the page numbers and questions for 1 - 2 images in your textbooks.
-You will have 3 minutes to look at the images, discuss, and answer the questions on your group's sheet of paper. Exit Ticket: -What is the difference between tone and mood?

-Look at the photograph on page 490. What is the tone and mood?
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