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My Internship

No description

Julie Bowman

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My Internship

Internship with Ms. Jayme Linton Planning Vision Statement Instructional Technology Plan For my internship I worked with Ms. Jayme Linton to create a technolgy professional development plan. We began by writing a vision statement. Instructional Technology Survey Ms. Linton had a basic outline for an Instructional technology plan.We worked together to edit and revise the plan. Ms. Linton used information that she gained at the NCASCD and NCTIES conferences to create an outline for technology stages. We discussed the major elements of the plan which included categorizing staff into five stages of technology use and the descriptors for the five stages. We created a rubric for the stages of development. Stages of Technology Use Rubric To determine each employee’s technology stage we decided an electronic survey would be given to all certified staff in the system. The survey will determine each staff member’s stage of professional development needs for technology use in the classroom. The survey results will be used to determine the types of technology staff development that will be offered for next year. I used the information from the technology plan along with past surveys for survey usage to create a new survey. I first created the survey in MS Word then finialized the survey using Zarca. Ms. Linton and I reviewed the tech plan survey and made small changes to the plan. At the district MTAC meeting we presented the plan, five stages and the survey and collected feedback and suggestions. We reviewed the feedback and made necessary changes. MTAC Meeting and Notes Grant I worked with Ms. Linton and the media specialist in the system to complete the Improving Literacy Through School Library Grant. This is a huge grant that would help bring lots of new media and technology into our schools if we should win. I reviewed the grants from past winners and discussed with Ms. Linton. I met with Ms. Linton to discuss the progress that had been made on the grant. The grant team decided they needed to meet during the school day to work out the details of the grant. After the grant team met Ms. Linton and I met again. We discussed the budget and the narratives for our grant proposal. We revised our wants and needs then added/cut materials from our grant list. At our next meeting we worked together to explain the importance of the technologies and books we asked for in the grant. We decided to include a few elementary/middle school summer camps in the proposal to increase literacy through the use of technology. At one of our last meetings we worked on the project and budget narratives for the grant. The narratives were emailed to the rest of the grant team members for corrections and revisions. Ms. Linton made all final revisions before she sent the final draft. Grant Submitted Proposed Internship Outcomes:
Gain experience through job shadowing district IT Facilitator.
To become familiar with current technologies used by school district and observe how these technologies are integrated in the K-12 public school setting at various grade levels.
To build professional relationships with personnel in district technology department and colleagues within different schools across district.
To support colleagues by offering assistance with technology integration into curriculum. Trainings, Meetings and Mentoring Part of my internship is to act as the "technology guru" within my home school. Throughout my internship I met with teachers from my building to discuss the benefits of using technology in the classroom. I met with two teachers to help them understand the computer based supplemental program Renaissance Place. During this collaborative meeting I shared tips on how to use the system, how to use and access reports, setup teams, create objective list, etc. I assisted with a training on Web Resources for School Fusion training. Basically, I watched, participated and helped as needed. I helped one teacher follow the instructions from the handout and keep her on track with what was being done. I attended a Media Specialist Collaborative Team Meeting at our local middle school. Collaborative meetings in our system are also called PLC’s (Professional Learning Community). At this PLC the media specialist from the elementary, middle and high school meet to discuss needs, resources, strategies, new technologies being utilized, issues and concerns. I mostly listened and gave opinions as warranted. I also shared ideas and resources when appropriate.
I talked with the Ms. Linton about her thoughts and ideas from the NC ASCD conference she had attended. One of the ideas she wanted my help with is planning a “Tech Tool” of the month for the upcoming school year. We talked about different technologies already being utilized and how they were integrated in the classroom. I assisted with a Mimio Training.I watched and participated by adding suggestions when appropriate. While Ms. Linton was away at the NCTIES conference we kept in touch by email and EtherPad. We discussed some of the sessions she attended and how excited she was about the things she learned. I helped with a MS Excel training. I was very much in demand during this workshop. I spent the entire workshop bouncing from one person to another modeling, answering questions and helping to explain what the next steps were. By: Julie Bowman
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