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Libby Knapp

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of ANIME


Anime made its first appearance in the early 20th century!
When Was It Made?
Well, the claim for the first anime is Katsudo Shashin, an undated, private work by an unknown creator.
So, what was the first anime?
In Japan, anime has had a MAJOR influence on the culture. For example: their clothes, their makeup, their homes, and even their restaurants can be anime-themed.
Why is it so big in Japan?
Anime ranges in different genres. There is romance, action, adventure, mystery, horror, and the favorite; fantasy.
What Kinds Are There?
Yes, actually. Most animes are directed towards an older, or more mature audience. Usually they are rated R for graphic scenes, language, and adult themes.
Can anime be rated R?
Of course! There are tons of kid animes out there! A few you might know are: Pokemon, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Naruto, Bakugon, Legend of Korra, and Digimon.
Can kids watch anime?
Where Is Anime Most Popular?
Anime is most popular in Japan, and the city of Tokyo.
Believe it or not, anime is actually pretty big in America, too. We even host conventions here in California.
Why isn't anime that big in America?
The answer to that is yes! There are many anime games, such as Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic: 2006, and Bakugan!
Are there anime video games?
Anime is very easy to spot, because of the character design.
The Animation -
Extra facts:
Anime can be hand drawn or done through a computer.
Snow White was the inspiration for the face of anime.
Anime started becoming popular in the 90's, then interests skyrocketed.
Most anime is categorized as television series, movies, or OAV's.
The most episodes of a single anime series was 6345 episodes.
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