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Alex Noriega

No description

Nathan Ness

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Alex Noriega

About Alex Noriega
Alex Noriega was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is currently 42 and he was born in the year 1972.
Examples of work:
Alex Noriega in a landscape photographer who had started taking pictures of landscape because he was influenced by the landscape in the Oregon and Washington area.
Where He learned photography
Alex had studied at the university of Wisconsin for his degree.
Subject of photos
Alex takes pictures of landscapes including desserts, Jungles, Grasslands, and coasts in the olympic national park.
Known For
Alex is known for his amazing photos of landscape, which includes photos of forest's, mountains, Desert, Grasslands, and Coasts.
Photographer presentation:
Alex Noriega
Presentation By: Nathan Ness, Per.3

Where does he shoot geographically.
Alex Noriega shoots in the washington and oregon area because he lives in Portland.
What equipment does Alex use.
Most well known Photos
These photos are most well known because of the texture and color in the photos that really make them more interesting than many other photos
How i describe his work.
I describe Alex's work as landscape that almost looks like a really good painting because of the editing he puts into it makes it look hand painted, which I believe is him trying to communicate that we should look at the world like a painting in order to have more imagination of the world around us.
Whats alexs' significant contribution?
Alex has made a significant contribution to photography by holding classes to learn photography and also teaches Post-Processing for photos.
Alex Noriega quote
"There are two main areas that photographers can really put themselves into an image and set it apart, given the same subject and conditions- Composition, and processing/development."
Others have said
People have said things about alex's work such as he does a "superb job processing", "great lighting", and the most common comment on his photos I could find was "wow"
Little known fact
Alex likes to shoot in the Olympic National Park because it has 3 different ecosystems all in one. Including rainforest, coastline, and jagged glacier mountains.
My personal favorite photo by alex
This photo is my favorite because the mixture of the texture, lighting, and lightning striking in the background all mix and make a interesting and original photo.
The End
Any questions?
Alex uses a Nikon D600 camera for shooting along with Nikkor 70-300mm, am VRNikkor 16-35mm f/4
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