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Term on A Page

No description

RaNisha Glover

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Term on A Page

Schedule Your Way To Success
8 Steps to Successful Scheduling
1. Create "Term on a Page"
2. Get a planer
3. Transfer important dates into planner
4. Set immediate dead lines
5. Schedule fixed activities
6. Check for conflicts
7. Schedule unscheduled time
8. Monitor your schedule
NOW we know all the steps, here is how to create a term on a page
What is a Term on a Page
A term on a page where you can visually see your entire semester of work at once.

It will allow you to see when things "clump" together and when you will have have larger gaps to work on larger projects or assignments
Check your planner/calendar
Make sure that you include dates that are on your calendar or your planner in your Term on a Page.
These dates are most likely predetermined and important. Make sure you plan ahead for these events so you don't get behind in school because of them.
Why make one?
While making it, you become more familiar with using your syllabi
You can visually see what your semester looks like
You create it, you understand it
Helps you prioritize
What goes in your Term on a Page?
things to remember...
Holidays or days there is no school
Exams and quizzes
Assignment and project deadlines
School deadlines (tuition, registration, drop dates)
Important dates (birthdays, vacations)
This is what mine looks like
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