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History Of Games Consoles

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Howard Battersby

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of History Of Games Consoles

In 1975 Atari sells a home version of pong. This was a big hit after Atari was produced in 1972.
This was the frst console with a bright coulor and sound.
Nitendo Entertainment system
Nitendo, originaly a playing card company realesed a Nitendo entertainment system in the U.S.. This had games such as super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda. This became the best selling console in history.
The launch of Sony's Playstation was the most popular console of the era. This had 3 dimensional gameplay. Also this had a program to watch DvD.
The PSP was a challanger to the gameboy domination of hand held consoles. Sony realseases the PSP in 2005 and this console hits the top
History of Games Consoles
Brown Box
The Brown Box was the first ever console invented by Ralph Baer. This Console was realesead in 1967. The Brown Box featured a total of 12 games. This is very simple. The players control two squares chasing each other.
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