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No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of lizette

She is the best friend in my life.
Why did I and yareliy migrate to california?
what route did yareily take to get to your new home?
Where in califoronia Did yareily and i go?
When i got here I think i was lost and scare to go without my family.I was sad to go to calforina.Yareliy and I was going to calfornia to migrate. i change my community by doing the right thing to do is to not be scare and be proud with my best freind for ever and it will be fun to go i can new thing with yareliy. Also, i can vistia my mom and dad.
what did you do when i got here.
The reason why Yareily and i migrated to califonia is because of Yareily family's and i,get a better job,to steike it rich and for both of us have a better house. just to let you knolw that Yareily and i are really best freand's.
Migrating with Yareily
the route yareily and I get our new home is To pay the plane people with our ticket,to get the clothes on the plane,the plane was bumping and we can fall down to get to the bathroom.
the part in california i went to is san diego. the reason why we went to san deiego is because our jolb tanfer to calfornia so we had togo over there.The job that i work at is in mexican restaurant,our house and our freind and family.
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