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Sex Addiction

SOWO of Addictions

Amanda Oslund

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Sex Addiction

SEX ADDICTION The truth about An addiction plaguing
5-8 percent of the u.s.
population That's 18 to 24 million Americans. 1 in 5 of those addicted
are women. That number is said
to increase as porn websites grow in popularity celebrities we've all heard of the But it can have damaging effects on every... race age ethnicity Socio-economic status so what exactly is sex addiction? The natIonal CounCIL on sex addIctIon
and compulsIvIty DefInes It as... engaging in persistent and
escalating patterns of
sexual behavior acted out
despite increasing negative
consequences to self
and others It's estimated that trillions of filters Sex addiction usually develops from distorted core beliefs childhood trauma
sexual abuse
family dysfunction The person's
thinking is then impaired and the cycle of addiction begins cellulose acetate. meaning that cigarette filters
can take up to 18 years to decompose. That's 1.6 billion trees cut down yearly for cigarettes. Still don't think sex addiction is a real disease? well, think again. Ambergris, known as whale vomit and ddt a banned insecticide are two out of hundreds of
possible additives in cigarettes. Radioactive lead and polonium are both present in low
levels in cigarette smoke. Smoking cigarettes affects virtually
every part of your body with various cancers and diseases. being one
of the most extensive, Lung cancer smoking drastically multiplies
your chances of being diagnosed
with it. more than 440,000 people die annually due to lung cancer. Secondhand smoke
has more than cancer-causing chemicals, 50 of which are group 1 11 carcinogens. You may think you're because of the influences
around you as teens but you aren't. cool while smoking up to 100,000 teenagers start smoking daily, worldwide. 1 out of 5 teens smoke

to avoid as a teen,
as you'll see demonstrated
in the upcoming video clip is a challenging pressure Proving that smoking of all long-term smokers will die a tobacco-related death. 1/2 every 8 seconds someone dies to tobacco-use somewhere in the world. this means 5 million deaths annually. At this point, sex is dangerously addictive being as addictive as drugs and alcohol. It will be hard to quit and there will be withdrawal but recovery with interpersonal and group therapy, they can do it. Prescription medication this century. There are 38 treatment facilities in the DFW area alone. on a global level. is possible. some cases May even Require Spread
the word a presentation
Mandie Oslund
Erika Ruffle
Allison Pickett who've been labeled as "sex addicts" GENDER ...but IS IT A DISEASE? EVERY Experiments with sex fantasy no negative consequences Pleasure Self
Medication Dependency The Addiction Cycle It starts
in the mind Done on a Regular basis Get a "High" from Sex Preoccupation With Sex *Porn
*Masturbation *Dopamine release *Don't want to stop *Curiosity Increase in risky behaviors relationship problems emerge able to stop on their own Repeated use/Consequences Compulsive thinking Sex is a "Need" Can't stop *Chemical dependence *Mental health conditions
*Financial problems *Unwanted pregnancy
*Divorce/custody issues
*Legal problems *Prostitution
*S & M *Rape/date rape
*Cheating *Unprotected sex
*Polyamory which are often a result of: Last 1-3 months

physical systems affected: eating, sleeping, concentration, energy level, body fluids, and nerves.

extreme reactions in one direction or the other WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS FATiGUE





suicidal thoughts

GENital Sensitivity on sex addiction {like Prozac, Anafranil, Naltrexone, and Acamprosate}
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