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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapters 1-7

This is a summary of the first seven chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo. Created by James and Elizabeth

Carri Parchman

on 11 January 2011

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Transcript of The Count of Monte Cristo Chapters 1-7

Summaries of
Chapters 1-7 In Chapter One... All in all, Edmond Dantes' future seems great.
Unfortunately, this is not true. In Chapter Two... In Chapter Three... Dantes' goes to visit his fiance, Mercedes, and we find out that her cousin Fernad is in love with her. He has already been trying for a long time to make Mercedes his wife. Mercedes says to Fernand that she still feels deeply for Dantes. Furious, Fernand leaves. However, Danglars stops him. Danglars, and Caderousse takes advantage of Fernad's desperate love and rub it in his face because Mercedes loves Dantes instead. Caderousse even says that Fernand looks like a rejected lover. Caderousse and Danglars try to get Fernad really angry and jealous of Dantes. In Chapter Four... The grand betrothal feast of Dantes and Mercedes takes place. Suddenly, royal guards rush in and arrest Dantes. Dantes, knowing that he has not done anything wrong, assures everyone the mistake will be cleared up soon and leaves with the guards. Danglars takes up the postion of the captain of the pharon while Dantes is gone. A ship called the Pharaon pulls into the port of Merseilles. The owner of the ship, Monsieur Morrel, finds ount that the ship's captain has died at sea. Edmond Dantes, the first mate of the ship, tells Morrel that the journey went nicely and all of the cargo arrived as scheduled. Monsiur Morrel knew at that point that
Edmond Dantes was the perfect person
to be the full-time captain, thanks to
his outstanding performance in the
unexpected event. Even at the beginning, it is evident that Danglars is not very happy about Dantes being the new captain of the ship. He shows a sense of jelousy and wants to hinder the successful ninteen-year old. Danglars also tells Morrel about how Dantes stopped the ship at the Isle of Elba, which took too much time. After, Dantes tells how he stopped there for his captain, trying to carry out his last request. At the Isle of Elba, Dantes delivered a package to Bertrand. He also says that he spoke to Napoleon. After listening to Dantes, Morrel decides that he has done nothing wrong, and Dantes is named the new captain of the Pharaon. Before Dantes left, he gave his father 200 francs. After Dantes went out to sea, Caderousse demanded the father to pay the debt that Dantes owed to him. He payed off the 140 franc debt, which left 60 francs for Dantes' father to survive on. Soon after docking, Dantes goes to see his father. He is surprised that he has deteriorated and finds out that Caderousse is the cause. After Dantes finds out about his father paying back the debt, the conversation is ended because Caderousse enters to welcome back Dantes. Unsurprisingly, Dantes is now angry at Caderousse, but he acts politely when talking to him. Caderousse already knows about Dantes' recent promotion and he says how Dantes should not have refused Monsieur Morrel's invitation to dinner. He then goes downstairs and meets Danglars. They have a conversation about how arrogant Dantes is. Caderousse suggests that they go by a road next to Mercedes' house, hoping that Dantes has been jilted by her. At the end of chapter three, Danglars suspects Dantes is delivering a letter from Napoleon to other Bonapartists. This sparks an evil plan in his mind. The preparations of the event have been made in a large room on the second floor of La Reserve. During the party, Dantes tells Danglars that he doesnt think a man was meant to attain happiness so easily. He is worried about his life being too perfect. In Chapter Five... The guests of this feast were members of the highest level of the Marseilles society, and they were here to celebrate the marriage of Villefort and the daughter of the Marquis of Saint-Meran "'The public prosecutor is hereby informed, by a friend of the throne and of religion, that Edmond Dantes, first mate of the ship Pharaon, which arrived this morning from Smyrna, after having stopped at Naples and the Isle of Elba, has been entrusted by Murat with a letter to the usurper, and by the usurper with a letter to the Bonapartist party of Paris. Confirmation of his crime can be obtained by arresting him, for the letter will be found either on his person, in his father's house, or in his cabin on board the Pharaon.'" Villefort decides he needs to leave the feast. Before Villefort leaves, Monsieur Morrel approaches Villefort and tries to convince that Edmond Dantes is innocent. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't work. Then, Villefort goes to question Dantes. The questioning start out with basic questions. Everything goes well until Villefort sees that the letter Dantes was going to deliver was addressed to Monsieur Nortier. Villefort claims that he does not have the power to set him free immediately. He guarantees that his stay in jail will be as short a time as possible. He also tells Dantes not to tell anyone about the letter. In Chapter 6... Dantes is guided to his first cell. Dantes is confident that he will get out of prison, due to Villefort's reassuring words. At ten o'clock at night, four gendarms took Dantes to the terrible Chateau d'If. At this point, Dantes is extremely worried. The gendarmes do not help him. Instead, he is taken to his cell in the horrible prison. In the morning, the jailer appears and Dantes tells him that he wants to see the governor. Unfortunately, Dantes does not get to talk to the governor. Instead, he is put where madmen are put, also known as the dungeon. In Chapter 7... Another betrothal feast is being celebrated on the same day and at the same hour. Villefort then burns the letter, claiming that it will help Dantes because he has just burned the main piece of evidence. During a conversation, Villefort is interrupted by a servant when he whispers into his ear that Bonapartist plot has been discovered. He reads aloud the letter of denunciation. The king is in his study absent-mindedly listening to a gray haired aristocratic looking man of about 50 while taking notes in his copy of Horace. As Villefort finishes his story the minister of police rushes into the room in a panic. He brings news that Bonaparte landed in france on the 1st of march. Which make the King furious since it is now the 3rd of march and Bonaparte is marching on the city. The king in anger tells the minister withdrawl and then rewards Villefort with the leigon of honor since he was the only one to worn him of the attack.

As Villefort finishes his story the minister of police rushes into the room in a panic. He brings news that Bonaparte landed in france on the 1st of march. Which make the King furious since it is now the 3rd of march and Bonaparte is marching on the city. The king in anger tells the minister to withdrawl and then rewards Villefort with the leigon of honor since he was the only one to worn him of the attack.
When Villefort enters he tells the King about the plot to bring back Bonaparte. He claims he got the information from Dantes, a rowdy sailor that's been suspected of being a bonapartist for a while and had made a secret stop at the Isle of Elba. He was carrying a verbal message to the bonapartist groups in paris when Villefort heard of this he arrested him.Dantes then confessed the contents of the message which told of the plot to try to bring back Bonaparte. Who the message was to be delivered could not be forced out of him he told the King. The man was concerned that Bonaparte may be planning on returning from exile. When the man says the name Villefort the King begins to listen more intently and orders Villefort to be sent in imeadately.

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