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Anna Garcia's Steps To Death

No description

Kara Marr

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Anna Garcia's Steps To Death

Anna Garcia's Steps To Death
Disease/ Risk Factors
Having a catheter increases the risk of having sepsis because the catheter collects bacteria over time. Collecting the bacteria caused the sepsis.

Having diabetes increases the risk for sepsis because it could have damaged the kidneys.
Sickle cell anemia-
Having sickle cell anemia can cause sepsis because of the deformed Red blood cells. The RBC being deformed damages the spleen. Since the spleen is damaged bacteria is able to grow in the blood stream.
- having a UTI can cause sepsis because the catheter can increase the bacteria in the kidney.

Short Term Prevention
Anna Garcia could have prevented the disease in a short term by going to the doctor, taking antibiotics, and the nurse that placed in the catheter could have been more cautious to make sure the catheter was cleaner.
Final Autopsy Report
Anna Garcia died of sepsis caused by a UTI.
Cause Of Death
Anna Garcia died by having Septicemia or Sepsis, caused buy a UTI. The blood went to the kidney, while the blood had the infection. When the blood went to the kidney it got infected.
Factors Contributing to Anna's Death
Long Term Prevention
Conclusion Questions
1.Her death was related to her immune system because she could not fight off the infection. Another body system is the urinary system because the kidneys and the ureters were all infected by the disease.
2. Anna would have told me that she felt dizzy, she had to use the restroom, and she had shortness of breath.
3. A doctor could have saved Anna before she died.
4.I would be interested in being a doctor because i would like to save peoples lives. If i could just help one person and save someones life it would make a difference in my life. Another career that i would be interested in would be a crime scene investigator. I would like to be on my feet all day trying to figure put how a crime happened.

Anna Garcia could have prevented the disease in the past if she would have stayed hydrated, eaten healthier, and exercised regularly.
Inflammation of the urinary tract system
Damage of the organs due to the kidney failure
Difficulty Breathing
Frequent Urination
Fever or lower body temperature
Feel dizzy, which would be the reason why she might have fallen
Having a UTI contributed to Anna Garcia's death because they inserted the catheter that caused the bacteria in the blood stream.
Low white blood cell count-
Having a low white blood cell count can cause sepsis because because the body cant fight off all of the infections.
Having the catheter in Anna Garcia's kidney can cause sepsis because bacteria could have entered the blood stream when the catheter was entered.
Anna Garcia is a woman-
Being a women can increase the chances of getting a bladder infection and having a UTI because the uterus is smaller and more likely to get infected.
Anna Garcia was sexually active-
Being sexually active can increase the amount of bacteria in the uterus.
Early menopause-
going in to menopause can cause a women to have more UTI because they aren't producing estrogen, which can make them more immune to infection

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