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Lucy Dukes Prezi.

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Elizabeth Harris

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Lucy Dukes Prezi.

Why Did We federate.
There were several reasons why Australia federated, including defence, immigration, free trade and national pride. There were issues that needed solutions and everyone decided that uniting together would be the best way to solve them.
The people were worried that they might be invaded by non-white immigrants and that was another reason that people supported federation. The people feared that these foreign workers might take there jobs away from them, and cause their wages to be lowered.
National Pride
People were starting to come together for supporting sports teams. Music and poems were written about Australians as a group and over time much of the population were Australian born. People started to think of themselves as something other than British. They wanted to have national pride in their country and call it their home.
Free trade
Some of the goverments had started to introduce taxes to protect themselves from the sale of cheaper goods from other countries and colonies. This caused some concern about realationships with other countries and colonies as tensions were starting to build.Some felt that over seas companys may stop trading with Australia altogether. Free traders felt, that by getting rid of tariffs and creating a single market, the economy would be strengthened.
Why Did Australia Federate?
Although before federation each of the colonies had their own defence force there was concern that they wouldn't have the size or strength required to ensure that the coastline of Australia was safe from invasion. They decided that creating a united force would solve this problem.

However, there wern't all positves to federation. The indigenous people did not benifit from federation. They were not included in the constitution and didn't get to vote...It was almost as if they did not count!

Before Federation
Reasons for federation go back to the late 1800's. All of the Australian states were seperate British colonies. They had different rules and different laws, different leaders and different issues. The colonies had nothing to do with each other apart from the fact that they belonged to the same continent of "Australia" and that they were ruled by the queen.
Before Federation
Travelling from Brisbane to New South Wales, would cause many challenges. You would have to change trains because the rails were different sizes. It was a bit like travelling to another country. You would be stopped at the border and searched by immigration.
Who helped federation?
Some leaders were aware of the difficulty that having seperate colonies brought. In 1889,
Henry Parkes
(5 times premier of N.S.W) made a very famous speech in the town of Tenterfield, highlighting why Australia should federate. In 1891 the leaders of the colonies drew up a draft constitution. But the idea did not take of because it did not give sitizens of the colonies enough of a say.
Alfred Deakin
(a big believer in uniting Australia) later convinced the leaders to get back together and draw up a new constitution.
Who helped Federation?
Finally, in 1899 all of the colonies said yes to federation except Western Australia, who had recently given women the right to vote and they wanted everyone to have that right. They added a line in the constitution saying that Western Australia could still join, as long as her majesty approved. In 1900 Western Australia agreed to Federation. Then, it happened, on the 1st of January, 1901 Australia federated, and made six seperate states. Edmund Barton became Australia's first priminister.
Federation United us together as one country and we are no longer so separate. Today we are grateful that in 1901 we federated together as one country. Today we have strong defence forces,
and we have our own national
anthem to sing with pride.
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