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bats vs owls!

No description

Lauren Ha

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of bats vs owls!

By:Lauren Ha Bats vs Owls! The name for a baby owl is an owlet or a fledgling. Bats have short fur. owls have long feathers. Owls don't have teeth,but they have sharp beaks that help them rip through their food. However,bat babies are called a pup or kit,and in the book Silverwing they are called newborns. However bats do have teeth that help them eat. Owls like to eat mice,rats,insects,squirrels,
rabbits and even skunks. Bats though like crush open fruits and eat it,but some like to eat insects,and others drink blood(vampire bats). The largest owl is an Eurasian Eagle owl with a weight of a nine pounds. The largest bat is a Giant Golden Crowned Flying Fox that ways up to3 1/2 pounds. Owls have holes in their head as ears.You might see little tufts of fur on their head,but that's not their ears. Bats have actual ears which they use to catch their food. Owls are birds
even though
they are nocturnal. Bats are mammals,and are the only mammals that can fly. Owls are the symbol of wisdom because the goddess Athena,
goddess of wisdom had an owl as her animal. Bats however are the symbol of death and rebirth. Owls sleep upright with their talons on the tree. Bats sleep upside down hanging from their roost. Both bats and owls use echo-location. Both are nocturnal which means they both sleep during the day. Both can eat insects. Both owls and bats prefer to live in forests. Bats live in colonies. Both the bat and the owl hunt during the night. Both like to breed in the spring when it is warm. Owls live alone or with two others. Both have light sensitive eyes. Both have very strong hearing and that is how they hunt for food. Both are warm blooded. .
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