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No description

Sarah Halabi

on 25 September 2016

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(note: keep your
hands away from sharp objects during the power point)
adventure! Free food AND cool places
to visit!!!
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Examining Informative!
Article: What is comedy and what makes something funny?
Examining narrative writing! Story: Food: a Love story
numuro uno) oh boy, have anyone one of you ever heard of the comedian named jim gaffigan? if you dont, well your missing out man. In one of the books thats written about him ''Food a love story'' Its in Jim's Point of view. ''What point of view?'' ''its first person.'' ''WHY?'' ''because he's SPEAKING TO THE READER.'' The reason how i know this is because Jim Gaffigan is constantly saying ''I'' ''my'' and giving his opinion on...food..oh boy...
Examining argumentative writing! Essay: Fast Food Argument Essay- Final
numuro uno) now, ive saved the worst for last, argumentative writing. in this piece of writing written by a wonderful author named: Nicholas Manente, he describes how fast food restaurants aren't giving people the information they need... his claim is showed on paragraph 1 (his introduction statement) '' Different things play a factor as to why we all eat fast food. It could be a financial situation, a small or large addiction to the greasy stuff, or just a need for quick food. Whatever the reason may be, a lot of the times, people aren’t being given the information they need to make a smart choice with fast food.''
Quick definitions of the three Important types of writing:
best picture ever that almost happend
I have invited you to aboard on this
Marvelous cruise ship! Perhaps you should consider the obvious, good food, nice rooms, OH and dont forget about the Exciting places that will await us! oh yes and before you even decide on whether or not you should come

on the ship, i want you to read the little stamp i sent you, but dont worry i sent you an even bigger copy to examine!
Yours Truly,

Dear Philip,
COME aboard with us on this fantastic
Numuro Uno)Thesis statment: The central idea of ''What is comedy and what makes something funny?'' Is from paragraph four, it states ''There is no simple answer to why something is funny... Something is funny because it captures a moment, it contains an element of simple truth, it is something that we have always known for eternity and yet are hearing it now out loud for the first time.'' Why you may ask? This is because the author of the story states themselves that there is no simple way to answer WHY something seems funny.( The writer of the story answers the title of the article)

Numuro Dos) Objective Stance: Now, although this article doesnt have any opinion to what they are writing about, they do use the words ''I''. NOW that doesnt mean right away that its ''AN ARGUMENTATIVE! SARAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!'' no.no. go back to the start of this step. the article doesnt have an opinion on what he or she is talking about. ''SARAH YOUR A LIAR'' Dont believe me? If you read the first short 11 paragraphs of the passage, IT DOESNT HAVE A STANCE! (note: do not read on from paragraph 11, its mostly for identifying different comedies, plus there is some uses of profanity)
this is a bird
the bird goes squaaaaa
birds like fishy
birdy has white poopy
Fished By: Sarah halabi
numuro tres)Organizational Structure: the article uses: description, want me to say it again? too bad. the reason HOW i figured out the author uses discription over everything else is because they do not give off examples or use sequence of events/ chronological order to explain their topic. its just plain people
numuro dos) man oh man, I seriously do love this story, but its really easy to tie in if its narrative or informative, its real. ''SARAH WHY IS IT REAL'' first off, its tiring when you shout isnt it...? and second, its real because it consists of a real character and- his wierd thoughts on foods. i mean seriously is it NOT that obvious to tell by the title that its a mans interests about FOOD! (note: i can totally relate to this)
numuro tres: NOW THE MOMENT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! ''for you to stop talking?'' no. but your clos- ''is it time for lunch?'' no. Its the last piece of identifying narrative writing!!! Descriptive language! Because this is an entire book of a mans love interests in food, the author describes his entire feelings on...food. for an example on one paragraph in his book,''I don’t know what happened, but steak makes perfect sense to me now. I was really overanalyzing it as a teenager. My fa­ther was not cooking steak on the grill to get away from his family or eating it daily to prove to himself that he wasn’t poor; my father was eating steak because consuming a steak is one of the great pleasures we get to experience during our short time on this planet. This was probably one of my most profound coming-­of-­age realizations. Steak is really that amazing. Steak is so delicious, I’m sure the first person to go on a stakeout was eventually disappointed: “Been sitting in this car all night and still no steak! Not even a basket of bread.”
numoro dos) Logic: Logic: What is logic? Logic is when something is presented with REASONABLE information. for an example, it is not logical to state ''a giant flying poop nugget is slowly falling from the sky with speeds over 20 mph!!!'' its absolutely dumb ill tell you that for sure. In the essay *ehem* it uses Reasonable logic to thoroughly explain his reasons on how fast food restaurants arent giving sufficient info that they need to know what the flying poop nuggets they need to know!!! for all we know THATS what we could be eating from mcdonalds! (''I believe that the fast food companies have to put little to any nutritional information on their food and the food can take up to all the calories that you’re supposed to eat in a day, in one meal. Granted, a big part of someone’s diet comes from their knowledge, but how can they know what they’re eating or feeding their families if the companies or the government isn’t telling them? Only about five percent of childhood diabetes came from obesity and mostly was genetic. From then on, more than thirty percent of childhood diabetes is resulting from obesity. Also a large number of that obesity came from fast food restaurants.)
numuro tres) before i end this AMAZING power point, i have to give one more element to support this argumentative piece, it is...line of reason. the line of reason that supports the authors opinion on junk food is: In “Junking Junk Food”, Judith Warner goes directly after the government for the obesity problems in the United States. She continually mocks the government’s efforts in trying to keeps the citizens, especially the children, on a healthy diet. She states that the Obama administration is going about it all the wrong way. They think that Americans are completely incapable of making food choices and we need to be babied with them.
Informational writing is a type of nonfiction writing that conveys information about something, which means it is factual. Many examples of informational writing can be found in newspapers, almanacs, and reference books.
A narrative or story is any report of connected events, real or imaginary, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, and/or still or moving images.
The argumentative essay is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic; collect, generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner.
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