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Scenes from "The Louvre"

No description

Alexander Armstead

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Scenes from "The Louvre"

Scenes from "The Louvre" NORMAN
JOIO I. The Portals III. The Kings of France II. Children's Gallery IV. The Nativity Paintings V. Finale Title music from the television special "The Louvre" Tielman Susato's "Ronde and Saltarello" Themes by Jean Baptiste Lully "In dulci jubilo" Albrici's "Cestiliche Sonate" Norman Dello Joio Publisher
Edward B. Marks Music Company Distributed by
Hal Leonard Corporation Grade Level Michigan - Senior High Class A
Florida: Grade 4
Georgia: Grade 5
Tennessee: Grade 5
Iowa: Grade 4
JW Pepper: Medium-Advanced Style
Renaissance Tempo 72 -112 bpm Instrumentation Standard Casmir Dello Joio

Pietro Yon
All Hallows Institute (1924-30)

College of the City of New York (1932-34)

Institute of Musical Art in New York (1939-41) Juliard School of Music

Yale School of Music Paul Hindemith EDUCATION 1913 - 2008

Italian Family

4th Generation Organist

Composer of all Genres
Range Concerns Special Considerations None 5 parts for trumpets
3 cornet + 2 trumpet The
Work 1965 Emmy Award Winning Score - "The Louvre" Commissioned by baldwin-wallace symphonic band March 13, 1966 - Conducted by Dello Joio Renaissance themes - construction of louvre first movement - title music for televeision documentary rhythmic independence polychordal juxtaposition Perfect 4th and 5th relationship 45 Choral Works

~ 30 Orchestra

10 Band

25 Solo Voice

20 Chamber Works

5 Concertos

3 Operas

8 Ballets

9 TV Scores

3 Organ

Dozens Piano History The Louvre Philip II - 12th Century Fortress

Extended and Developed

Louis XIV - 1682 - Palace of Versailles Wind Band Literature 1950's and 1960's

Morton Gould - Ballad for Band (1946)

[ Popular Culture + Academic Compositions ] special resources Scenes from “The Louvre.” [Recorded by Keystone Wind Ensemble]. On Pageant: American Music for Symphonic Bands
[Medium of recording: CD] Citadel. (1998)

Scenes from “The Louvre.” [Recorded by America’s Band in Blue]. On Prarie Overture
[Medium of recording: CD] Altissimo!. (2007)

Scenes from “The Louvre”. [Recorded by Northern Illinois University Wind Ensemble]. On Music for Winds & Percussion Volume 6
[Medium of recording: CD] MusicEducator’s DR. (1997) Recordings Fisher Tull, Sketches on a Tudor Psalm (1971) – Grade V
Norman Dello Joio, Variants on a Medieval Tune
Norman Dello Joio, A Jubilant Song
Norman Dello Joio, Meditations on Ecclesiastes Similar Works Other Works
Aria and Roulade (1984) – Grade IV
Caccia (1978) – Grade III
Colonial Ballads - Grade V
Concertante (1973) – Grade VI
Dancing Sergeant, The (1979)
Fantasies on an Original Theme (1994)
Fantasies on a Theme by Haydn (1968) – Grade VI From Every Horizon (1965) – Grade VI
Metaphrase (1991) - Grade V
Satiric Dances (1975) – Grade V
Songs of Abelard (1969) – Grade VI
Songs from the Louvre (1966) – Grade IV
Variants on a Medieval Tune (1963) – Grade VI Extended Fanfare and Processional

G Major

play into the dissonance
4/4 vs. 6/8 Theme and Variations

F Major

contrasting articulation & dynamics theme A
pp -> ff theme B
mf -> p Chorale and Development

G Major

strong & loud legatos!
dominoe entrances
confident and grand dynamics throughout Strophic (A - A')

G & C Major

6/8 lilt
staccato under legato line
dynamic phrases Strophic Rondo

G & C Major

interplay between two main themes

terraced entrance

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