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Digital Footprint: The Power of Words and Actions

No description

Rhonda Wells

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Footprint: The Power of Words and Actions

Digital Footprint: The Impact of Your Words and Actions
Some not so good...
What you choose to post can reveal a lot about your...
* interests
* friends
* personality
* character

but it can also reveal information you may regret in the future such as
drama between friends
too much personal information
embarrassing situations
Some of it is good...
Every day, a lot
of stuff gets
shared online.
Click on video
to start.
Sometimes people share information online that they wouldn't share in person because the Internet feels like you're posting
anonymously or secretly
Before you post, give it the grandmother test.

What information will people find when they follow your
Digital Footprint?
"anything" posted online can be found through a search engine on the Internet, even after you delete it.
Posting to friends only, doesn't mean your friends are the only ones who will see it.
They are simply the FIRST to see it.

It's like telling them a secret. Once they have the information, it can be copied and shared for others to see, even after you delete it because...

"But I post under my name on a private account
so only my friends can see it."
After all, they may have Internet skills...
and probably a Smart phone.
Is this something you'd want your grandmother, school principal, college admissions officer, or future employer to see?
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