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Scrum, in a country with no... Rugby!

The good and the bad of using Scrum in an unfamiliar environment.

Yorgos Saslis

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Scrum, in a country with no... Rugby!

Estimates ARE estimates
Selling Rugby to Football Fans
Selling 'Scrum' on top of whatever the project is
Rugby ???
Scrum @ Cytech
Daily Scrum
Project / Sprint Backlogs
Sprint Planning
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Sprint Grooming
Planning / Review / Retrospective
Sprint Grooming
Scrum, in a country with no ... Rugby!
Fantastic to finally have our wishlist all in one place.
Daily Scrum
Not everyone physically there
Not just developers
Not always 15 minutes
Team sizes of only 2-4 people
The original Scrum
Sprint Planning
Sprint Retrospectives
Sprint Review
Did you write acceptance tests?
Daily status report
Find out what else is going on in the company
Team Spirit
How do we keep ALL that organized?
Never 'enough time' to have these
Good luck convincing the PO it's 'DONE'
Easy stuff -
more work
Always good for the devs to get in touch with the customers
Estimates vs. actual time

Why did we under/over estimate?

Could we have avoided contingencies?

Don't have the time, just want you to build it.
What do you mean you don't know how much ???
Me?? Write all the User Stories??
Make sure to write acceptance
tests - WITH the PO
Business Values the only measure?
PO participating?
find / learn new libraries

solve 'how would that work' problems early

Solve ugly bugs (if too many -> time for a bug fixing sprint)
Refactor code (AFTER you know it's working & passing all tests)
Perform Code Reviews - Educate your team
... is where you can do all the dirty - but much needed - work:
Questions, PLEASE!
Giorgos Saslis / Cytech.gr
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