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Mollie Fielder

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Which type of music video best suits you?
Live Performance/
In Concert
Popular Music Genres

Which type of music video would best suit you?
In conclusion...
Personally, i feel that a mix between the two styles of narrative and live performance would the the most effective for your first video
In Concert/Live
Popular Music Genres
There are many popular styles and genres of music on the market today and the most similar to you would be indie rock. It is a hugely popular genre right now and is often represented using quite abstract or live performance videos, darker colours and sometimes more emotional lyrics and meanings. This style is used a lot of the time to communicate emotions through the medium of sings by people who cant necessarily translate what they thing by just speaking. One of the worlds most famous indie rock bands, Nirvana, often released videos of performances of their loved songs in grungy settings which has inspired many new up and coming indie rock bands around the world. However, The Killers, a more alternative band uses more clean cut clothes and hair, which shows that genres have different elements, also showing how efffective certain conventions can be for one genre, and how the can't work as well for another. This genre can be represented in many ways but live performances may be in your biggest interest.
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Attracts fans of the genre to your music
Gives you an identity as an artist
Gives you the opportunity to define what type of artist you want to be
Lots of TV outlets such as MTV and Kerrang pay to show indie rock videos
Very limited to one audience type
Can be hard to be creative with just a live performance
Very common style of video- wont stand out from the crowd
A narrative video is one which tells a story within it. Many indie bands like yourself often partner this technique with the previous as it gives the band an identity but also allows them to express the meaning of their song and their creative thoughts at the same time. However this technique covers nearly every genre as it can be adjusted to whatever the artists wants it to be like. It is used so often because it has the diversity to spread over so many genres and can have so many different conventions that will make it suitable for the artist. It is also used a lot as it is one of the best ways for the artist to communicate their artistic views and the deeper meaning to their song.
In Coldplay's video for The Scientist, the story of a couple is told in reverse, showing how it ended at the beginning of the video. The reverse idea of the video may seem quite abstract but corresponds to may of the lyrics within the song. The lyric 'Im going back to the start' is linked to how the video is set to reverse and creates a strong image corresponding to the video. Narrative may be the best option for you as many of your lyrics generate lots of emotions and imagery that would make a very effective music video and generate a lot of publicity
Making a narrative music video will show your audience, making quality music videos and music is more important to you than fame and income
The narrative is often short and easy to follow which keeps the audience engaged and interested in your creative choices
Narrative music videos are often very expensive for record labels to produce
The narrative is very limited to the lyrics so not all of your full creativity is shown
If the narrative is unclear it can leave the audience confused and unclear about the message of the video
These videos always show the artist performing the track within the video, however it is often combined with narrative to add more of a depth and meaning to the video, as well as showing the artists identity. This may be a suitable style for you as it will show all aspects of the band and give you all an identity as to who you are and what you are about.
'The Road' by Frank Turner is a good example of live performance music videos, however it has a twist as it is a compilation of 24 performances he did over 24 hours which raised publicity and made the audience want to watch more
Live performance and concert music videos give the audience a chance to see the band in a concert setting where they might not have a chance to in person
They are less expensive to produce
The video promotes you as an artist and allows you to establish your own identity through the music video
A music video that consists of just a live performance will bore an audience if nothing particularly exciting or different happens which is why there are normally partnered with another type of music video.
Some people may see live performance as boring and lacking a sense of creativity
This type of music video is used to make the audience feel a certain way and uses seemingly random and abstract imagery that expresses the themes and lyrics of the song. The shots and imagery often relates to the corresponding lyric at the time in the song, adding a deeper meaning tot he lyrics and generating talk about the music video.
This may be a suitable option for you as your lyrics could inspire some abstract imagery and also use abstract images to create a deeper meaning. Not only this but the random images could generate some publicity as people will talk about how 'out there' your music video is.
The music video for 'Riptide' by Vance Joy is a good example of impressionist music videos. The imagery is directly linked to the lyrics and the meaning of the song, but is also seemingly abstract which almost creates synergy and leaves the audience wanting to know more.
The unrelated shots create an easily understandable link to the lyrics
They allow the artist to include a personal meaning hidden within the video
Allows the artist to influence the emotions the audience feels when watching the video
Some of the unrelated shots may confuse the audience
The video may feel so disjointed that the audience will not feel any emotion towards the video
If the imagery is so unrelated, it will lose the true meaning of the song and make it even more confusing and difficult to understand
Using animation in a music video can create a sense of illusion and enigma around an artist and also generate more publicity as the audience speculates who the artist is and what the true meaning behind the music video is. This can also be linked to another style of music videos called surrealism in which a deeper but more abstract meaning to the video will emerge using unreal and dream like imagery, much like some animations used. Although i feel this is a strong technique, I don't think this is most suited to you sit is hard to develop an identity as an artist when you don't feature in your own music video.
'The salmon dance' by The Chemical Brothers is a good example of animation and surrealism all rolled into one. It shows animated fish singing the lyrics which would generate publicity as it encourages the audience to talk about how unique and clever the video was.
The style and content of the video will always be unique and original
Many animated music videos gather a lot of attention from all audiences and have always been extremely popular
With the growing availability of animation software, these videos are becoming over used
Audiences may complain that it may be too out of the ordinary and will ruin the song
The audience may become confused by all of the surreal aspects
A parody music video is one that exaggerates and mimics certain aspects of an artist, song or music video to create a comic effect. Music videos and songs that generate extreme popularity are often mimicked by other artists in attempt to link on to the original popularity, but with a more humorous effect. I don't feel that this would be a suitable style for you to use as your music video as you as an artist are more dedicated to making quality music rather than being comedic, another technique such as live performance would suit you better.
One example of parody music videos is Weird Al Yankovic's 'Eat it', a parody to Michael Jackson's 'Beat it'. The shot types, costumes and narratives are all designed around 'Beat it' to create a more comic feel and to make audiences laugh. Because of the popularity of 'Beat It', 'Eat It' also became immensely popular.
Using parody videos could generate alot of success due to the amount of attention it can gain from media usage or advertisement from the original artist themselves.
Parody music videos are hugely popular on the internet at the moment and will generate a lot of internet base publicity, and may even become viral.
In some cases, the original artist may feel that the parody is mocking them and take it to offense
This could even lead to them taking legal action which would result in negative publicity.
Not only could the artist take offense, but the audience may also feel offended by the parody.
Pastiche music videos are created to pay homage to a certain artist, or music video by using symbols, costumes, imagery or choreography. These feature will be included into the music video and in some cases also into the lyrics. This style of video could be partnered with narrative and also live performance to create a deeper meaning to the lyrics and the video. Since your song is about love and is written about your own personal experiences, I don't feel like pastiche would be an effective style for you to use at this moment in time as it makes the music video less personal to you as an artist.
In the video 'Michael Jackson' by The Mitchell Brothers, there are props seen on set that are directly liked to Michael Jackson himself. This imagery, along with the diagrams about Michael Jackson's iconic dancing can also be directly linked to the lyrics 'I wish I could be like Michael Jackson'.
The main example of using a pastiche style in your music video is that your audience will see how passionate you are about the specific artist and that will reflect your passion for music itself.
The audience may misinterpret the video and mistake it for a parody and take offense to the video, therefore generating negative publicity.
Not only this, but the original artist may also misinterpret the positive respect intended from the music video and could result in legal disputes
Aid the understanding of the lyrics
Storyline makes it more engaging
Shows creative style and capability
Gives you an identity as an artist
Lets the audience know who you are, and where you want to be in the music industry
Lyric Interpretation
This is when the music video relates or follows the lyrics of the song. This helps the viewer understand the meaning of the song and the meaning the artist wants to communicate through the song
Focus On Performer
This is when the music video mainly focuses on the performer of the track when they are singing and performing. This then shows the audience the specific skill set the artist has to offer.
Mood Lighting
This is when the lighting reflects the style and mood of the music video. For example, if the song is more upbeat and positive, the lighting will be bright with warm tones. This gives the music video more of an effect and communicates the meaning more to the audience
Cutting To The Beat
This is when the videos cut from one to another along with the beat of the song. This helps the cuts transition smoothly with the music and make them seem less jumpy.
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