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Dibs In Search of Self

No description

Alyssa Ware

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Dibs In Search of Self

-Interested in working with kids
-Spent 5 years at The Peter Pan Center
*social coach
*kids with autism spectrum disorders and social awkwardness
-Intrigued by the way the mind of a child works
-Every child behaves in different ways when encounter certain situations
-Might consider becoming a behavior analyst
About Me
"Dibs In Search of Self"
-Children's Meeting House in Concord, Ma (Middlesex School)
-infants/toddlers -> preschool
-I plan to serve as an assistant, but also observe behaviors and pick up on social ques between children and maybe look deeper into one child in particular
About my Internship
-shows the growth and development of a child
-Dibs isolates himself from other kids
-overcame social obstacles
-overlapping concepts from what we enforce at PPC
-breaks down behaviors and justifies the reasons WHY
*gives information
Why I Enjoyed the Book
"Dibs in Search of Self" by Virginia M. Axline
"He stood beside the table, looking down at the blocks, his hands still clasped tightly against his chest"
Quote #2
"I attempted to keep my comments in line with his activity, trying not to say anything that would indicate any desire on my part that he had to do any particular thing, but rather to communicate , understandingly and simply, recognition in line with his frame of reference."
Quote #3
"He leaned on the windowsill and studied the truck. He glanced back over his shoulder at me. 'It's a big truck. It's a dirty red color. It is full of boxes..."
Quote #4
Analyzing and Introducing a Career Path
by Alyssa Ware
-Story told by a clinical psychologist, "Miss A", who specializes in working with children and parents
*wealthy family
*private school (ages 3-7)
*isolates himself from others/builds no relationships (including mother)
*finds school safe, only place he gets attention, doesn't like leaving
-Dibs' mother believes he is mentally retarded since birth which explains behaviors
-Miss A believes in a break through with therapy
*battle between mother
-Whole story shows Dibs developing as a person and overcoming social isolation
-Develops tremendously and is able to express himself and cope with feelings
-Turns out to be one of the most intelligent kids
Quote #1
"We are not looking for a miracle, we are seeking understanding"
Axline 20
-Understanding will lead to more effective ways of helping the person develop and utilize capabilities that are currently THERE and not CREATE a new person
-undergoes therapy sessions away from classroom
-mother looks at it as an experiment
Axline 45
-after a tower of blocks fell over
-shows his sensory issues
-doesn't know how to respond to surroundings
-also gets scared of truck outside and tried to shut windows but can't and cries
*Miss A doesn't comfort to prevent a dependable relationship (needs to cope with the world)
IQ jumped from 5 to 168
free from anger and fear
Axline 121
-indirect form of therapy
-not enforcing anything, just observing and correcting (like at PPC)
-let him subconsciously control sessions
-goes on to describe more about truck
*more observant and accepting of surroundings
-overcame fear of unknown
-wants to know more, easily intrigued
Directly giving help and direction teaches nothing about independence and responsibility
-teachers took off jacket/hat/shoes for Dibs everyday
-Miss A asked if he needed help, and then told him to go over to her for help, which gave him the option to receive help ans he needed to physically get it
-Dibs eventually removed his own coat without being ask for help
Giving up on something is never worth the risk of missing out on improvment
-Dibs' parents were certain he was mentally retarded forever
-Miss A didn't give up on him and he turn ed out to have no retardation at all
-Dibs could have been permanently isolated
Discussion Questions
Dibs was diagnosed as mentally retarded by his parents but later became fully functioning and very intellectual. Do you believe one who is mentally diagnosed with other serious mental conditions can be completely changed just through therapy and learning?
What aspects of today's society are single-handily corrupting the socialization of our youth and causing individuals to isolate themselves from other children?
Works Cited
Axline, Virginia.
Dibs In Search of Self
. New York: Ballantine Books, 1964. Print
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