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Should 14 year olds be able to hold jobs?

No description

Brennah Russell

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Should 14 year olds be able to hold jobs?

Calculations Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c In my opinion Students should be able to hold jobs because.. They meet new people and learn new skills
They become more responsible
Extremely beneficial on college applications Meeting new people and learning life skills. When student's start a job the other workers who have been at that job teach them the skills it takes to work at the job. Becoming More responsible Like the previous slide working teaches students work skills that will serve him or her in college and/or prepare them for adulthood Jobs Are good on college Applications If Students start working while they are young than they can save up all their income for things like cars and maybe even paying their way into college. In my opinion young students should be able to hold jobs because as students get older their parents aren't going to keep buying them things. So when students obtain a job they make money.. and money leads to them being able to afford things without there parents.. which takes them to adulthood. Should Students as young as 14 be able to hold jobs? Sometimes when students are not on time at there job they have a greater chance of getting fired so this teaches them how to use their time wisely Also Students learn how businesses work so someday they can start there own business. They will eventually grow into young confident leaders to younger students or students who don't have jobs and they become role models. Results showed that students who have at least 1 or more jobs tend to have higher grades that are better than the average student which gets them into better colleges. The Different skills that students do learn throught their job/jobs also helps on their college application because the more you do for your environment the more colleges look at your application and consider you. The more jobs you work at the more skills that you obtain and the more likely you will get accepted to a better college
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