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Why girls should be allowed to play on 'boys sports' teams?

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Fifi Persinger

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Why girls should be allowed to play on 'boys sports' teams?

Why Girls Should be Allowed to Play on 'boys sports' Teams?
Should gender discrimination allow talented athletes not be able to play certain sports?

"There are quite a few women who could beat men in certain sports because women are more flexible than most men, some women don't mind knocking each other over. So in all, women and men have the right to 'male sports'."
Equality Rights
"Girls and boys are both human, they both have physical bodies, and the fact that we have 'girl things' and 'boy things' is awful. Sports are created for women AND men, girls AND boys."
Unfair treatment
"But when women out compete men, suspicions about eligibility and arguments for a level playing field often arise"
Counter Argument
People may argue that girls are too fragile.
Not True
Girls are just as athleticly talented as boys.
Girls are tough!
Injuries that happened to girls have the same chance of happening to boys on the Co-Ed (both gender) team.
By: Sapphire Persinger
Girls are just as athletic as boys, therefore should be able to play 'boy sports' or on a team with boys.

Girls are just as athletic

Women are more flexible than men due to their connective tissue in tendons and ligaments.
Women and Men are born with the same sporty genes.
We all have the basic rights of freedom and to be treated equal, with that said equality should be the same even in sports.
"Human rights are women rights and women's rights are human rights"
This shouldn't happen but still continues with all the sexism around today for both genders.
Stereotyping someone based on their gender is something they can't control and very unfair.
Talented Girl Athletes should be able to play the sport they love on whatever team. Boys are generally taller but girls can handle the height challenge! With ambition women should be able to do sports or anything boys can do.
Thanks for watching :)
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