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No description

Ms. McTurk

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Escaping

Three years later we had a big farm and built a nice big wooden house. Everyone was happy and we were all so thankful we made it to Canada.
New Life
My Departure
My friends and I were in the Underground Railroad for about two to three months and faced many challenges. To get to each station we always had to hurry before sunrise or else everyone had a very high chance of getting caught. We were always scared that we would get captured. On our nightly journeys we often had to leave supplies behind so we could run faster.
Our Journey
The Beginning
Escaping to Freedom
By: Lucy (Marina.K)

For my whole life I was a slave. Picking cotton was my whole reason to live and master was very cruel and mean. One day I had hope, my master was going away on a trip and I took that opportunity as a way to escape.
The following night master left, my friends (fellow slaves) and I set out on the biggest journey of our entire lives. The escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad!
Lucy contributed to the identity and development of Canada by bringing her beliefs, traditions, ways of life, and stories with her. She also contributed to the identity and development of Canada because if Black Slaves (including her) never ran away to Canada we probably would have never learned about them, and how they risked their lives to come to our country and be free.
Reaching Canada
When we arrived in Canada it was the best day of our lives! Everyone was so happy that we were finally free! We decided to get jobs and with the money we earned; we would buy land, start a farm, and build a house. A month later we had enough money to buy land, seeds, tools, and other supplies we would need for our farm.
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